El ultimo tren – The last train

El ultimo tren – The last train

  Uruguay is not known as a great film. In 2002, all four films were produced in the small South American country. El ultimo tren was nominated for an Oscar as best foreign film.

A major Hollywood studio has a new film from Uruguay, purchased a historic locomotive. For some Uruguayans, this is an occasion of special joy – the members of the Association Friends of the rails are not exactly pleased. Three veterans of the Association decide that the locomotive from the 19th To save a century before the sale in the United States. With the battle cry Our national heritage is not for sale her off the train and travel along the old, long abandoned railway lines from Uruguay. This will entail a number of adventurous events by themselves. Pursued by the authorities to obtain the “kidnappers” but the support of the people of her country, people who have been the closure of the railway line in a kind of isolation. For them, the unequal struggle around the locomotive means a sign of hope.

El ultimo tren – The last train rail is a humorous movie about courage and defense of individual values, a tragicomic Western – no cowboys and guns.

Title: El ultimo tren – The last train Country of production: Argentina, Spain, Uruguay Year of production: 2002 Length: 93 ( min) of material: Pegasus

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