El Custodio – The bodyguard

El Custodio - The bodyguard

El Custodio – The Bodyguard

  Rubén (Julio Chávez) is delivered bodyguards of the Argentine Minister of Planning (Osmar Núñez), and as such the daily routine of his superiors irretrievably. Whatever goes to the minister, whether in a cabinet meeting, or as a lover, his shadow following him always faithful to his foot, will review the situation here, because the terrain explored but always stays in front outside, a model of discretion and unobtrusive. Rubens life between constant readiness and appalling monotony is broken only occasionally by episodic flash of reprimands and humiliations, which throws down the man with the impassive face of seemingly stoic silence over her. But who shall, to the constant awareness to give his life for someone else to exist, has been completed with your own life long ago. And so has also Rubén little over private relationships, his mentally disturbed mother is more tolerated than loved, and physical proximity is held exclusively with prostitutes, to restore the hormonal balance – so that the constant pressure a little can be broken down and it still works for a while. But then when it finally comes to the big bang that hangs like an invisible sword of Damocles over Rubén, this is nothing more than the final result in the life of a man who was long dead … talking

is not very much in Rodrigo Moreno’s El Custodio feature film debut – the bodyguards, and indeed not much is happening. The tough times of waiting, the trait to become inconspicuous Rubens, his identitylessness, all that can be learned in this film, quite specifically in his own body, which at times quite tortured. How does one follow a man who speaks nothing, his face betrays no emotion, who reveals nothing of himself? The camera remains at a distance can be felt, the guards disappear again and again, it moves its position and function according to the brink, losing it in the blur – a carelessness that best fits the program of the film. Rubén remains a stranger to the bitter end, his feelings, his motives, his life remain with us as strange as he did himself El Custodio – The bodyguard moves with his speechlessness, and the dull passage of time on a fine line between having to endure boredom and brilliant character study of a profoundly lonely, absurd anti-hero, Albert Camus, as it would not be able to describe more accurately. The blast at the end is like a liberation from a life that is nothing less than hell on earth.

Rarely has a questionable doubt bored good movie like this, where boredom and endless waiting for the definitive principle were raised. No film for the late show, and nothing for people who go to the movies with the desire to have cheered him.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: El Custodio – The Bodyguard Country of production min: Germany, France, Argentina Year of production: 2006 Length: 95 ( ) of material: Real Fiction

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