Edge of Love – What remains of love

Edge of Love - What remains of love
               Genre: Drama, Biography
  Artist John Maybury seems to have it done. Where his interest is primarily those individuals who showed a significant human interpersonal deficits. Already in his film Love Is the Devil (1998), the director painted a conflicting picture of the painter Francis Bacon. And in his book Edge of Love – What remains of love, which is based on a screenplay by Keira Knightley’s mother Sharman Macdonald, is not that much different. This is about the infamous Welsh poet Dylan Thomas and an episode from his life. Apart from the not exactly new realization that the poet and drunkard passing still quite a ladies’ man and have been a real Ekelpaket must know the film the image of Dylan Thomas than platitudes about Bohemians add anything essential.

London in 1941: During the London Blitz rolls “over the capital of the British kingdom and the lives of people has been rocked repeatedly by heavy air strikes, it comes in a bar at some random reunion: The Welsh dating singer Vera Phillips (Keira Knightley) meets by chance Dylan Thomas (Matthew Rhys again), whom she has shared children and know youth. Although the two had lost sight of is the old magic, the soul mates who joined the two together, once again. A deeper look, a few verses, shared memories of carefree days – here’s how it das all the more greater is the surprise when Dylan Vera his wife Caitlin (Sienna Miller) imagines. But nothing can alter the connection between him and his girlfriend from the past, Dylan evokes the singer. It is, we suspect it is already here, the beginning of a fateful constellation. Because Dylan is an insatiable monster that constantly broke, like a selfish child, especially to its own needs from – he wants all the world (and especially women) love him unconditionally.

And then the poet no qualms about simply insinuate themselves into Vera’s small apartment, as he and Caitlin are cast because of his escapades in the apartment of his sister. Rather than compete with each other, develop Caitlin and Vera each other their affection. And when the attractive singer finally falls in love with the soldier William Kilick (Cilian Murphy), who will soon move into the war has, from the already difficult triple-constellation, a more complex structure that each of the four parties to the brink of endurance driving. The Return of the severely traumatized William, who now, without knowing it, has become a father, and finally breaks the camel’s back …

If not the colorful name and reputation of legendary poet Dylan Thomas, would that story, loosely based on a guaranteed based episode of the Welsh poet, probably of interest to almost anyone. Have been, but Edge of Love – What remains of love is good as Dylan Thomas biopic about little – too pale and unappealing is the poet, too indecisive seems that the screenwriter and director, where the focus is really the story. Is it about the combination of the two women affected by his love for Thomas the same fate? Or is the alleged, but sometimes difficult to grasp spiritual kinship between Dylan Thomas and Vera Phillips in the center? Or should be placed on the two women, a telling and rather negative light on Dylan Thomas? Ultimately refused the film a clear commitment to a central story and varies between different facets of the undecided menage a trois with four parties to and fro.

Edge Of Love – What remains of Love is a film that is lost again in the decor and costumes, his actors, but only rarely in control. While Cilian Murphy has largely moved out all the time (and thus in every inappropriate moment possible) dreinzuschauen arrogant, does Keira Knightley with excessive facial expressions only in very few moments of authentic and is far removed from their theatrical possibilities. Even Matthew Rhys as Ekelpaket has little to offer in presentation and it is scarcely possible to make the enormous attraction of Dylan Thomas on the women fairly plausible. Ensures that, with precisely the actress Sienna Miller for the less modest highlights, the otherwise rather conspicuous by headlines off the set, throws a revealing light on this film, whose real sensation lies in that even Keira Knightley can sing. A entbehrenswerter film.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Edge of Love – What about love Original Title: The Edge of Love Country of production: United Kingdom remains Production year: 2008 Length: 110 (min) of material: Koch Media

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