Eastern Promises – Eastern Promises

Eastern Promises - Eastern Promises

Eastern Promises – Eastern Promises

  It starts almost like a bleak Christmas story, which was taken out of historical context and planted in today’s chaotic and violent world. How brutal this world is, which already makes the opening sequence very dramatically clear is cut in a man’s throat – he will not be the only victim. But because it’s winter in London, will naturally born as a child. And as in the Christmas story as the child symbolizes the hope of the world – one might almost say the only hope. Significantly, the girl will also receive later named Christine. Shortly before the holidays, a very pregnant, very young Russian girl named Tatiana (Sarah Jeanne Labrosse) is admitted to the hospital and dies in childbirth of her child. The young midwife Anna (Naomi Watts), who comes from a combination of a Russian with an English girl and has only recently suffered a miscarriage, takes care of the baby and trying to determine whether there are relatives of the newborn girl. A business card from her handbag Tatiana – which also contained therein diary of the young Russian woman, the midwife can not read, it is written in Cyrillic – Anna finally brings to the restaurant of the exiled Russian Semyon (Armin Mueller-Stahl) and his son Kirill (Vincent Cassel ), their chauffeur, Nikolai (Viggo Mortensen), where is the young midwife favor. What Anna does not realize: Behind the friendly facade hides a clan of the Russian mafia, called “V vory Zakon”, among other things, brings young women from Eastern Europe to London to make it there to prostitutes. And because in Tatiana’s diary are references to the illegal machinations of the clan to make the gangsters soon hunt for Anna and the baby. And in the hierarchical structures of vory V Zakon pave to changes that are taking their toll …

explores in his new film Eastern Promises – Promises Eastern / Eastern Promises David Cronenberg once again, the structures of violence and shows how much this has rapidly become an integral part of our lives. Between the glittering metropolis of London and the parallel world of the Russian mafia just a blink of the eye lies a thin layer, which can burst any time, to let forth a storm of violence and destruction.

For all changes and transformations that the Filmmakers Cronenberg experienced in recent years and has created – is still obsessed with his cinema of bodies and physicality of a voluntary body modifications and violent penetration of bodies, be it with the knife, the Tätowiernadel or the penis. In both cases, the intention behind it is the same – it’s about appropriation, possession, power. Sex and violence – as so often they are close even in this David Cronenberg’s film together. Of the biological ties to tell the many family structures that run through this film in many forms. Ever, these structures – which should really give it support and protection in an increasingly chaotic world are under threat – brought out of balance, danger and must therefore, with all his might (and are sometimes just too violent) maintained. It is precisely these subtexts, which applies to Cronenberg’s latest blow his character – although his film is superficially “just” a thriller, but the way he tells a lot about the world and its condition, and reports of experiences that we are all on one or otherwise know.

One thing is certain: With Eastern Promises – Promises Eastern / Eastern Promises, the same year a movie finale is shocking how conciliatory – a well-constructed reduced as bold and cool filmed thriller, which shows that nothing Cronenberg has lost any of his old class. And who knows – maybe it is now possible to him even once more, opening up new wider audience shifts. He would have deserved it all. And this tough and spectacular film even more.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Eastern Promises – Eastern Promises Original Title: Eastern Promises Country of production: Canada, United Kingdom Year of production: 2007 Length : 100 (min) of material: Tobis Film Distribution

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