DVD – Via Mala

DVD - Via Mala

Via Mala

               Genre: drama, literature, home movie
               Switzerland, a tyrant, sawmill, patricide, Ravine, alcoholism

On the limits of tolerability

  Based on a novel by the Swiss John Knittel of 1934 was the three-part TV production Via Mala, directed by Tom Toelle, ran in the mid-1980s, very successful on German television and now appears on DVD. Already in 1948 the substance was a sadistic man who bullied in the idyllic and barren landscape of the Swiss canton of Grisons his family in untold ways, filmed by Josef von Báky from a screenplay by Thea von Harbou Carl Wery in the lead role. Then in 1961 came another film adaptation of Paul May, with an almost diabolical Gert Fröbe as violent alcoholics, before they finally took Mario Adorf role in the TV game that can compete only by these excellent performers in the first place a comparison with the earlier adaptations.

Drives in the Swiss mountains near the Via Mala gorge of the miller Jonas Laurentz (Mario Adorf), a spawn of hell just to mischief. The drunken, bestial and brutal fellow verhurte schikanisiert his wife Sophie (Milena Vukotic) as well as his adult children with vilest insults and unscrupulous violence. Glad to see the irascible patriarch of his family, not even the subsistence level, he also robs women and children, and also gathers Otherwise every penny in itself that he can get to finance his depraved lifestyle. When Jonas Laurentz, who is known throughout the region as a derelict drunk, and finally because of his criminal brutality for a while to go to prison, his family is breathing easier and to make every effort, now lead a dignified existence.

The few months that are must atone for his father, but soon over, and it turns out quickly that was purified Jonas Laurentz in prison at all. After his return threatens the unbearable torture for the family to continue again and it seems that he is in prison, brutalized even more because he makes even before the small estate inherited his favorite daughter Silvie (Maruschka Detmers) does not hold. Due to the absence of the father a little strengthened, and not ready to spend again, their existence as creatures constantly humiliated and whipped, stirring spirit of resistance within the family Laurentz, especially with son Nicholas (Dominique Pinon), who is limited by several Malträtierungen physically strong and with his daughter Hanna (Sissy Höfferer), and her mother, Sophie is no longer willing to endure the vulgar and dangerous man …
(spread #) For more than four hours on two DVDs cover the three Part of the television audience with a few pleasing details like the naked Maruschka Detmers enriched version of history that can score with Mario Adorf strong as a popular film icon, where the dramatic moves in too shallow levels. Via Mala Even if it can, especially in the last episode, that carry moral profundity of the material here is in contrast to the pure, haunting film version of Paul May, with Gert Fröbe when Jonas Laurentz ultimately the most extensive scale entertainment aspect to the fore. And this design is by no means small, it is in itself a pleasure, the raging moderate, voiced Mario Adorf to see, even though the other characters simply be too faint and the depths of the dense issue arise only by implication.
(# ) (Mary Anderson)


Via Mala Country of production: Germany, France, Italy Year of production: 1985 Length: 273 (Min) (# ) Published at: Kinowelt Home Entetainment format: 4:3 tone / language: Dolby Digital mono, German EAN: 4006680050836 Tools: None

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