DVD – The War Zone

DVD - The War Zone

The Zone

               Genre: Drama
               Family relationships, sexual abuse, incest

Family War

  At the beginning and end of the dark drama The War Zone by Tim Roth, we see this impressive building, its black solidity, it can seem like a monolith, a foreign body in the rugged coastal landscape. And you know at the end of this film is not what has happened in the intervening 100 minutes, this would amount nearly to the idea that this bunker was in fact likely to serve as a shelter from the dangers of war at issue here, too . But there is cruelty and inhumanity against the steel does not help and no concrete. Because of the war in the family, at issue here will be no prisoners taken – only wounded souls (. #)
This film starts very cautiously optimistic: the parents (Tilda Swinton, Ray Winstone), the 15-year-old Tom (Freddie Cunliffe) and his older sister Jessie (Lara Belmont), expect even young. On the way to the hospital accident and the family comes with a few minor injuries and shock them. Is born as the little sister Alice, everything seems in order again. Nevertheless, the atmosphere and the behavior of the actors make each other quickly becomes apparent that something is wrong with this family. And it is precisely the taciturn, and force difficult verpickelte Tom, who gets an inkling of what is out of whack. When he returns from a shopping go home, he watched through a window as his father approached his sister. When Tom confronts his sister with the seen, argues that everything from compact.

But over time, the evidence of sexual abuse within the family, Tom will take Polaroid photographs of his sister with her father again denies Jessie that the allegations of her teenage brother, and still virgin thing is off. Finally, the horrible suspicion certainty when the boy will be a witness, as his father had raped his sister in the old bunkers on the coast. Nevertheless, he still did not dare to turn his terrible suspicions to his mother. Becomes sick only when little Alice, and the hospital must, where Tom mitbekommt chance that the baby is bleeding from the abdomen, breaks down the wall of silence and shame. He urgently warns his stunned mother against her husband, entrusting the baby. At home Tom confronts his father with the allegations, the following conflict escalates and ends in death …

Rarely England was so dark in a movie and it rained, as here, the sun, it creates throughout the film not a single times, a seeming only glimmer of light in the darkness of hopelessness magic. Yet it is by no means a meteorological stereotypes about the island climate, The War Zone prevalent here, but meaningful and coherent codes of incest and abuse, as they previously saw or in any film. Instead of psychologically-charged dialogue directed mainly to familiarize the consistently excellent actors, in imposing a variety of images and allusions, which condensed like Toms suspected only in the course of the film into a terrible certainty.

Tim Roth become in the 1990s primarily as an actor in such films as Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, and many others know, with this film, which is also his directorial debut, one of the most impressive and disturbing films on this subject, shot . Almost imperceptibly, he mad the prospects urging the offender to the edge of the story omits any demonization and evokes instead of high skill a film that – rare enough on issues like this – the audience is familiar, and room for your own feelings. The War Zone and says glosses over nothing, is wary of psychological explanation patterns and instead lets the images and the faces of his actors speak for themselves. The whole range of tragedy, and therein lie the whole championship this film is never clearly drawn, but is especially evident between the images and the unsaid, unspoken, in secrecy. The more regrettable that the admittedly terrific film score by Simon Boswell does not always act the same restraint. What the film and its lasting effect but no harm. Perhaps this is indeed a concession to those viewers who want more but this will walk “- in view of issues such as this is an understandable desire.

If you look closely and listen carefully, it reveals itself behind the sharp at first sight and forbidding surface of a work of brittle, disturbing beauty and emotional impact, as we see it only rarely, and never again forget guarantees (# )
(Joachim Kurz)


The War Zone Country of production: United Kingdom Year of production: 1999 Length: 95 (Min) Published by :

DVD - The War Zone

2,35:1 (anamorph) tone / language: Dolby Digital stereo, German, English EAN: (# ) 4006680053509 Extras: exkulisven booklet with lyrics for the film, a making of interviews, behind the scenes, trailers

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