DVD – The Milky Way

DVD - The Milky Way

The Milky Way

               Genre: Drama, Satire
               Pilgrims of St. James, Jesus, Bible, Santiago de Compostela, heretics, Mary

In the religious tension between Heaven and Hell

  A pilgrimage, not only from Paris to Santiago de Compostela, Spain, but straight through the depths and height of flight-Christian religious discourses Luis Buñuel has directed this film that takes viewers between the sacred seriousness and comic satire in a universe of signs and wonders. The Milky Way from 1969 is one of the magnificent collaborations with Luis Buñuel’s French screenwriters Jean-Claude Carrière, which is characterized by crazy crazy ideas and dramatic twists. In remarks appear here already on sequences of images and themes that later in the following cooperation between the two filmmakers in The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie / Le charme discret de la bourgeoisie (1972) and The Phantom of Liberty / Le fantôme de la liberté ( 1974) have deepened. Counter

as a poor pilgrim from Paris to Santiago de Compostela on the road, the older, faithful Pierre (Paul Frankeur) and the lonely in religious questions first rather sober Jean (Laurent Terzieff) on a highway in France, a strange man in a cape (Alain Cuny), they ask for alms. This kind of grumpy, he generously granted only Pierre, and before he continued on his way, he speaks an incomprehensible prophecy: The two pilgrims will have children with a whore, which the name “You’re not my people” and “No More Mercy” shall be. This opens a space-time absurd territory of Christian dogma and history, the men, as well as the wandering inevitably draws the viewer into a confusing maelstrom of religious imagination and debate.

If a waiter in a restaurant, children in a school production, one in opposition ungracious priest (Francois Maistre), the Marquis de Sade (Michel Piccoli) and of course Jesus (Bernard Verney himself): In the Milky Way all the protagonists are constantly involved in Christian or atheist relationships and conversations, and a cross – Longitudinal section through a variety of topics of the Bible are, the word violence in the mono-and reflects dialogues of the characters. An obviously stigmatized boy on the roadside, a duel on the lofty concepts like free will and genuine heresy, apparitions and miracles, the Virgin Mary and harmonious scenes of deep, warm religiousness – these can be director Luis Buñuel in episode lasting arrangement embedded in countless references to the Spectators rain down.

The Milky Way, whose title refers as the cosmic equivalent to the so-called pilgrimage in Santiago de Compostela, so trumps with biblical references to religious content and that represent the various positions and beliefs that sometimes biting criticism to the dogmas of the Catholic Church takes place within a closed, cinematic universe, appears in the even the greatest absurdity between heaven and hell for granted. A great, equally as profound comic film, which considered even the most oblique argument in matters of faith in their natural authority and, ultimately entgegenbringt the all too human need to link back to a world of vague arbitrariness in the system of a supernatural power, an almost compassionate understanding .

(Mary Anderson)

Title: The Milky Way Original Title: La voie lactée Country of production: Germany, France, Italy Year of production: 1969 Length : 97 (Min) Published by:

DVD - The Milky Way

format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital mono, German , French EAN: 4006680052298 Extras: documentary “Luis Buñuel – Atheist by the grace of God”, photo gallery, trailers

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