DVD – The massacre at Katyn (DVD)

DVD - The massacre at Katyn (DVD)

The massacre at Katyn (DVD)

               Genre: Drama, War Film
               Second World War, war crimes, Poland, Katyn

A larger than life history lesson

  The Katyn massacre, guilty in 1940 to more than 20,000 Polish officers and intellectuals by the Soviet army exemplifies the difficult course of the tumultuous history of the country and is synonymous with decades of exploitation, oppression and manipulation of the public. In 1943, German troops discovered the mass graves, the massacre was quickly exploited for propaganda purposes, with the end of World War II and the Soviet occupation and the following rule of the Communist Party has been pushed back remembering the truth about Katyn was not allowed to be said, even the mention of the name could already have serious consequences. For Andrzej Wajda, the Katyn massacre is also a very personal matter, because his father also was one of 22,000 victims, found in the forests of Katyn death.

The film begins in September of 1939: On a bridge crowded with people, endless crowds fleeing the German troops who have swept Poland. But on the bridge, they come to meet people from the other direction, because the Soviets invaded Poland from the east and are now moving ahead – the secret protocol of the Hitler-Stalin pact makes it possible. Families are torn apart, arrested the officers and intellectuals and sent to camps where they wait for their uncertain fate. Unexpectedly

Wajda waiting families and the soldiers talks shows, then just before the massacre, he jumps in the story, save for the actual events and instead deals with the events of 1943, when the graves be discovered by German troops, then to suppress the truth after the war and the struggle of families to uncover the truth to describe an exemplary example of the Polish officer Andrzej and his wife Anna and his daughter Nika and their friends and relatives. The executions, carried out with the mechanics of a stupid subtle machinery of death, just follow the very end of the film is in a long, painful flashback.

, The Katyn massacre, no doubt an important film because it addresses an important issue. However, he – and even that is must be said – is not a good movie: to obscure the script, to the booming-pathetic production, ostensibly to the narrative gesture of here time and again shown and highlighted. To this end, the fog machine surges on full speed and actors declaim, as in the theater with sweeping motions and pleadings, leave nothing to be desired in terms of clarity. There are also details how Soviet soldiers who break the Polish flags so that only the red stripe is left to clean the white part, they are ostensibly the boots. Or a theater poster for Antigone, when a young woman fighting for the honor of the dead and the uncovering of the truth in postwar Poland. Or a Christ figure, is equal to a dead person covered with a coat next to the murdered man. All these are serious, sometimes ponderous metaphors that the film would not have been necessary. But perhaps that is the case, if the memory and processing did not take place for decades, could not take place – over time, the suppressed images are always bigger, always charged. And they can retain over time. Andrzej Wajda has let go of it – in place of his countrymen – all in a moving, in parts, however unpleasant instructional film on the screen.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: The massacre at Katyn (DVD) Original Title: Katyn Country of production: Poland Year of production: 2007 Length: 118 (Min) Published by: Panda Storm format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, German, Polish EAN : 4048317357802 Extras: Greeting by Andrzej Wajda, the German movie premiere, trailers

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