DVD – The Informant! (DVD)

DVD - The Informant! (DVD)

The informant! (DVD)

               Genre: Comedy, Thriller, Crime
               Group, informant, cartel, price fixing

Agent 0014, and the corn plot

  Steven Soderbergh is always good for a surprise. Above all, he is a director who does not like laying down on a genre and a style, but lively narrative and switch between different Inszenierungsweisen. After his rather tough and the critically-maligned four-and sometimes ill mammoth work of Ernesto Ché Guevara, he turns with his new movie The Informant! a somewhat lighter fabric. Soderbergh’s latest trick told by one of the largest real economy thrillers in the history of the United States as a feather and full of subtle irony, that the whole thing has become rather boring, despite a supposedly subject to an extremely noteworthy pleasure. Although we are accustomed to lately so a lot of absurdities in the economy, the informant! But the reality is likely to hit a lot. At least until the next scandal.

Marc Whitacre (wonderfully distorted in this role Matt Damon) has a penchant for fast and exclusive sports cars, for corn – and tall tales. The bioengineers at the (real existing) agricultural company Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) in rural Illinois is a young man with the best prospects for a rapid rise and then oversee the lysine business. What nobody knows: This guy who looks so nice and average,’s a deep behind the ears – he is not only a notorious liar, but also suffers a bipolar disorder. Which makes him intriguing, all it’s worth: First, make Whitacre knows his superiors at ADM, there would be a mole of the Japanese competition, the torpedo their own lysine production by a virus. The FBI, which told at once interested in the matter, he a tale of illegal price fixing in the corn industry. This Whitarces tall tales are staged so convincing that the federal agency recruit him as an informant, to intercept the conversations of the group’s top and recorded on tape. Whitacre quickly feels like Agent 0014 ( “because I’m twice as smart as 007″) and cavorts in the world of mystery and intrigue, like a fish in water. Neither ADM nor the FBI suspected that this awkward-looking, good family father is a filthy game with both parties, and while vigorously driving reaches into the company treasury. Become visible until after the full extent of the fraud – at least almost …

If there were not these wonderfully casual and strangely out of place acting film music by Marvin Hamlisch, which refers more to the 1960s style, and were it not for this abstruse acting as voice-overs by Whitacre, who is always in the most exciting moments of banalities and trivialities of itself, if one were probably at least as long as a spectator in the wrong lane as the FBI. For this informant with the heinous ties, the cash stand and the embarrassing Föhnfrisur not truly looks like a cunning schemer, the various parties with a lot of chutzpah and a dash of arrogance against each other. Yet it is these little hints and the lovingly interspersed details (such as Whitacre) growing car collection, let us quickly guessed that something must be wrong with this guy. Exactly resulting from this mixture of innocence and the various suggestions that the good science technicians here deducts a huge show, refers Soderbergh’s new movie The Informant! his enormous wit and charm throughout.

Rarely was a notorious liar and obviously Disturbed, enriched themselves at the expense of others, so congenial as this rather plump man seldom has been so on the simple sentence “Look, I told you the whole truth said, “which runs like a leitmotif through the entire movie looking forward, just as in this wonderfully weird rogue comedy. Because they know that after this announcement heralds the next pirouette, the next tall tale, so this wonderfully light-footed and wonderfully wacky film is still going on for a while, shows once again what a great actor Matt Damon can be. If only he can.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: The informant! (DVD) Original Title: The Informant Country of production: USA Year of production: 2009 Length: 103 (Min) Published by: Warner Home Video format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, English, German EAN: 5051890011930 Extras: (# ) Unused Scenes

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