DVD – The Golden Bowl

DVD - The Golden Bowl

The Golden Bowl

               Genre: Drama
               Wedding, London, Museum, Italy, Golden Bowl, art

A drama of love par excellence

  Has an exciting drama about love, passion, sacrifice and pain James Ivory directed based on the novel by Henry James, waiting with a stylish star ensemble. The Golden Bowl is one of those movies to thrilling pity, whose ambiguities and vagueness seduce his characters based on speculation about dramatic nuances. These are also the qualities that the delicate and lovingly crafted piece to consistently maintain the very strong feelings against a fall in the vastness of the overly sentimental, the love in such movies only too happy to lurk.

The fact that she already knew long before her wedding and tighter fitting than were friends, guess the pretty kind-hearted American, as Maggie Verver (Kate Beckinsale), not when she met her future husband, Prince Amerigo (Jeremy Northam) and their school friend, Charlotte Stant (Uma Thurman) to each other presents. Charlotte, which is just as Amerigo sparsely located, asks her former lover, without wealth simply go away with her, but this dismisses the romantic notion gently as unpragmatic. Maggie’s father, Adam Verver (Nick Nolte), who also lives in England and is intimately connected to his daughter who is an avid collector of art and a very rich, kind man, Charlotte is the most need due to its low finances, in a guest noble houses to be making the older man often society, she finally asked to be his wife. While Maggie is delighted to now have the estimated girlfriend in the family, Amerigo secretly feared emotional turmoil, which is set then when he finally succumbs to the constant advertising Charlotte …

The eponymous golden bowl whose appearance ultimately fateful intervenes in history, takes in the drama, only a small room with too herbeigezerrter symbolism of what this tragic film with the conciliatory and not resigned late hardly harms. The Golden Bowl was nominated in 2000 for the Golden Palm at Cannes and won the following year, the Evening Standard British Film Award for Best technical or artistic performance as a production designer Andrew Sanders. Pretty to look at the film is absolutely, heart-rending images of the gorgeous costumes of the ladies, and Thurman and Beckinsale on the upright and committed to playing Nick Nolte’s fiery eyes, with all restraint, Jeremy Northam.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: The Golden Bowl Country of production: France, USA, United Kingdom Year of production: 2000 Length: 126 (min) ( #) Published by:

DVD - The Golden Bowl

format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, English, German EAN: 4006680047324 Extras: interviews with cast and crew, featurette, trailers, press booklet

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