DVD – The Elephant Man

DVD - The Elephant Man

The Elephant Man

               Genre: Drama
               London, Monster, Victorian era, Faire

from the loneliness of an outcast Creature

  On the actual fate of the Englishman Joseph Merrick (1862-1890) this sad drama by David Lynch is based in the year 1980 in sombre black and white images. This unfortunate man, whose body and head are distorted with terror especially exciting ways, ekes out a despised, undignified existence as a stylized monster of a fair, which will be discussed because of its extremely divergent appearance of any human values, and the animal immediately sealed off a vicious and miserable will be accommodated.

He is considered creepy sensation to the screening, the onlookers cost something like: The so-called Elephant Man (John Hurt), keeps the ruthless and brutal Schaubudenbesitzer Bytes (Freddie Jones) as a prisoner and against hard cash issue. The head of this creature is tormented by even such peculiar shape and size, while his body is covered with innumerable tumors, its deformed limbs him greatly restrict the freedom of movement and their respiratory passages through these arrangements are extremely unfavorable charge.

In this miserable Condition met him, the physician, Dr. Frederick Treves (Anthony Hopkins), who initially interested scientific reasons for the young man, whose identity is revealed to be John Merrick. Treves takes him into the hospital under, where he works, where can the tortured man at first to rest once adopted by the fact that he is severely hampered on a spiritual level. But it is not easy to obtain these seemingly secure place for Merrick, particularly as the director of the hospital insists that accommodate him elsewhere …

The Elephant Man starts like a horror movie of the Victorian era, which can, diffuse to build a growing tension around the first silent figure of John Merrick, changing the mood to a sad drama, as it is clear that hides behind the facade of the monsters a sensitive, educated man who wants nothing more urgent than the feeling to be loved. With Merricks acceptance within the high society of London that is becoming a symbol of humanism, which represented quite a good amount of pull-force inherent idealism.

At the time, for eight Oscars, three Golden Globes and BAFTA awards and seven nominated, of which he was three won, was The Elephant Man, including a César award for best foreign film. Although the stark black and white drawing of the characters is sometimes a little indifferent acts, the film is distinguished by its fascinating drama, his very excellent actor and touching staged mainly by its moving story of a people whose unspeakable loneliness and pain lasting and remind the audience that even the most wretched creature is able to feel happiness.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: The Elephant Man Original Title: The Elephant Man Country of production: U.S., UK Year of production: 1980 Length: ( #) 119 (Min) Published by:

DVD - The Elephant Man

format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 2.0, English, German EAN: 4006680048864 Extras: documentary about Joseph Merrick by John Morris, filmographies of director and main cast, photo gallery, trailers

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