DVD – The Disposed Father (DVD)

DVD - The Disposed Father (DVD)

Disposed of Father (DVD)

               Genre: Documentary
               Divorce, paternity, child custody, War of the Roses

men as losers Wars of the Roses

  That especially the children are the victims when it is likely to be a separation or even divorce comes, little doubt somebody. But in the battle for maintenance, custody and visits, at times, it is also always the fathers who lose the war of roses because they are forbidden to deal with their own biological children. And often enough this from happening flimsy reasons, and point to a court order. The psychological damage and injuries that have survived this with all stakeholders, American psychologists therefor the terminology of “Parental Alienation Syndrome” (abbreviated PAS) developed.

The filmmaker Douglas Wolfsperger (Bellaria – As long as we live, Blood Knights) itself is concerned such a war, and Rose has now turned to the Disposed father, a harrowing documentary about men who are in a similar situation as he. An alarming fact is not only the individual fates, but also that it seems much more common than you might think. And that it requires only a movie like The Disposed father to hoist the issue into the consciousness of the public.

At the beginning of the movie was a shock: After years of wrangling with his ex-girlfriend comes to dealing with his daughter was Douglas Wolfsperger by a court in Berlin asked to take the benefit of this parting of the child and to goodbye to her – and permanently. An act of mental cruelty, as you could hardly imagine worse. The last journey Wolfsperger to his daughter is anything like the thread of the film and gives the opportunity for encounters with other men (and woman), the extreme form of roses War, in which the children are ruthlessly used as a weapon on had experienced firsthand.

, Since, for example, Francis George, who lives apart for 14 years by the mother of his two daughters, 24 and 15 years old. To his elder daughter, he has, despite its efforts for more than 10 years of no contact, and eventually had to learn at his school that his daughter had made a few months at his school, an internship – not that he or she identified himself known to him would have been. After his years of experience in the struggle for an orderly handling of his children, Franz Joerg founded the initiative VafK Karlsruhe (Väteraufbruch for Children), whose spokesman he is today. A function that caused him to become an expert on disposed fathers.

Harold is also an interested party, whose Christmas parcels to his children always unopened and marked “refused” acceptance! ” be returned. To deal with her father opposed his two daughters, 13 and 11 years old from strict – a classic case of “Parental Alienation Syndrome,” as it occurs more frequently.

Unlike the case of perfidious is Bernd, living separately since 2001 from his wife. Again and again, allegations were spread by the family of his ex-wife, the father had sexually abused the child. However, the psychotherapeutic care of the daughter showed no reference to such incidents. But something is always hanging. And finally there’s the policeman Ralf, who was divorced in 2007 and since old to another day with his two children (5 and 8 years fighting). But this desire to the court he was also assured, yet fails because of a boycott of his ex-wife.

As the only woman in covenant represents the singer Birgit the other side, the other overlooking the battle for custody in which men as a result of their (call it one of the men involved themselves) “naivety” is often the worst of . draw With surprising frankness Birgit describes her view of things and makes it clear that fatherhood for them in the first place “after all, only production” means. A sobering analysis and deconstruction of the family idyll, as promoting and advertising policy. But the experiences of men like Douglas Wolfsperger and all the others give their right.

The fact that the implicit behind translucent roles in the 21st Last century and in an enlightened society like ours, despite a number of legal initiatives has nothing therein lies the explosive power of this film, which shows in addition to personal histories also one of the few remaining taboos.

Douglas Wolfsperger Disposed film The father could just be because of his relentless and never disguised subjectivity provides an important impetus to put more detail with this taboo apart and take action to finally seek it once to separated parents – regardless to allow either gender – have regular dealings with their own children. It would be – although some dishes just that to deny – in particular for the further development of the children a long overdue step.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Disposed of Father (DVD) Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2008 Length: 86 (Min) (# ) Published at: AV Visionen GmbH tone / language: Dolby Digital 2.0, German EAN: 7640105239351 Extras: trailers, information & the film crew, Biogrgraphie Douglas, and Filmography Wolfsperger, temporary injunction, an interview with Wolfsperger

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