DVD – The Crew

DVD - The Crew

The Crew

               Genre: Thriller, Crime
               Drugs, gang war, Liverpool, Gang
  In the tradition of Guy Richie’s cult movies jack, queen, king, grass, and Snatch is this British Gansterfilm by Adrian Vitoria. Again, typical British brutal, raw and with a pinch of sex is a scene and character portrait is drawn, that puts much emphasis on style, coolness and oblique types. The Crew What stands out from other films of this genre, is the title of hero. For Victoria’s young gangster boss Ged Brennan wants to go even though the industry, but the gangster life is just a job for him. Although with honor code, but without romanticizing. Raids are just a job to make quick money.

Ged Brennan (Scot Williams) wants another to turn and get two number then. But his crew knows how to master problems. When the next coup of Liverpool’s wrong gear, Ged gets angry with his boys, who believe that Ged has screwed up the number. Moreover Geds marriage is beginning to feel the pressure and the impossible working hours. Also, that Ged is like a substitute father cares for his boys, annoying his wife more and more. Tapped as a major crime boss is Geds little brother and Ratter (parade role for Kenny Doughty, Snatch, doghouse) takes his place for himself, the patch will become hotter and bloodier.

The Crew everything that has a modern gangster film need: technically top, witty words, bloody violence (some close to the limit to sadism, but it must be, um) to produce realism, a gangster who wants to get out of, it does not really hinkriegt, bias and personal characters Problems of vultures. Fans of these films and also of Michael Mann epic Heat can access with a clear conscience. And despite all the harshness The Crew also has a melancholy side. Such as when gangsters Ged wants to rearrange his life, he always rocks (even the friendly neighbor!) Are placed in their way. But Ged would not have taken so far if he had not a lot at the box …

(Renatus Töpken)

Title: The Crew Country of production: United Kingdom Year of production: 2008 Length: 118 (Min) Published by: Kinowelt Home Entertainment format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, English, German EAN: 4006680049977 Extras: (# ) Making Of, Chopped and extended scenes, audio commentaries, music videos from “feeder” and “Wreckers”, trailers, tack Cover

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