DVD – The boundary

DVD - The boundary

The boundary

               Genre: Thriller
               Terrorism, Wall, economic crisis, border, Rostock, right-wing Constitution

Germany in spring 2010

  When a German television film provocatively with the complex issues around the history of German-occupied and they developed an all-star ensemble with a speculative thought experiment to an extreme scenario for the future, this is a media event in Germany. The boundary of the two-parter by Roland Suso Richter, at 15 and 16 March with good ratings for the first part and significantly lower on the second evening broadcast on Sat.1 in the run-catching vigorously promoted and the surrounding television shows, including a documentary and a special talk show was accompanied, resolves exactly to expect from what to presented was: Controversial public reactions regarding the relevant protagonists and groups whose orientations in some form within the film were. Just one day after their television premiere of the production company Polithriller teamWorx now appear in World Cinema on DVD.

, Germany in May 2010: As the agile lose advertising designer Rolf Haas (Benno Furmann) from the blue, his job, this is only a seemingly hopeless beginnings of a personal crisis. The entrance to his apartment is barred, as he is with the installments in arrears, and the palette of his bank cards is also completely out of function. Soon it turns out that the Constitution in the person of Linda slept off Jehnert (Anja Kling) is behind this fiasco. In this way, the former Link activist is forced to secretly commissioned by the Government to make contact with his former personal and political friend, Maximilian Schnell (Thomas Kretschmann), who is just about a powerful and dangerous than Estimated career as a leading figure on the extreme right party DNS to drive the tip. Simply designed, this reunion but not, as a betrayal of the past stands between the two men.

In the wake of economic crisis and recent terrorist attacks on oil refineries explode the social tensions that in classical constellation in the right left-split stock, violent unrest and soon dominate the country. Operates in Rostock, where his fast as skilled as corrupt campaign orchestrated encounters Rolf Haas and his former love Nadine Manz (Marie Baumer) and its socialist-oriented father Erich (Uwe Kockisch again), who in the chaos of events with like-minded people in the political struggle equips the spirit of the values ideas of the former GDR. Faced with the complex, initially rejecting his past relationships Haas moves into the conspiratorial Machzentrale fast and does everything possible to halt the rapid political progress, while the Chancellor Carla Reuer (Katja Riemann) behind the scenes, the candidate of the New Left Franz Geri ( Jürgen Heinrich) supported to quickly add additional …
in this way
within the structure of thought, which is concerned with the question of the potential socio-political developments under certain conditions, the boundary creates a layered, dark and exaggerated version a society whose citizens and politicians entlanghangeln in the face of the crisis on isolated elements of German history. In this way the very exciting fiction appear in an exaggerated black and white painting work, as the all too familiar actors, despite their apparent involvement mostly very stereotypical. Other positive features Thomas Kretschmann, especially Anja Kling and Uwe Kockisch by a high degree of continuity and nuances alike, while Marie Baumer role as a single mother and former girlfriend of Rolf Haas abruptly abandoned foremost one-dimensional effect. The effort Benno Furmann, with minimal, dramatic intention, too staring moment undoubtedly be moving inside to indicate, however, sometimes bordering on the dramatic exaggeration of silent movie heroes, and shines in a different context would certainly be as a comic quality.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: The boundary Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2010 Length: 187 (Min) Published by: Kinowelt Home Entertainment format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 2.0, German EAN: 4006680052427 Extras: Making Of, Photo Gallery

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