DVD – The Beast

DVD - The Beast

The Beast

               Genre: Erotic

And Borowczyk created ejaculate and Hair

  In the heyday of European Sexfilms were also merged into the art house film and problem not necessarily identical categories of bad conscience, created Borowczyk semen and hair. A slippery-Freudian-charged adult fairy tale full of black humor, its symbolic language modeled on Freud’s Wolf Man and Beauty and the Beast – and sometimes quite perplexed by the criticism, much worse, was treated by the censors completely ignorant. In the booklet the way (certainly one of the finest and most extensive of the local edition offers) informed Jörg Hackfurth: Only in 1981 was reduced Film produced in 1975 in German cinemas, which ended up also reduced rental cassette in 1984 and was now on the index indicated. The finding: Pornography and animal pornography. Now, 24 years later, must carry, thanks to the efforts of the copyright holder image disturbance history to heart, without fear for our own moral constitution need.

It’s all about the love between man and animal, or about how the human animal used as a code to tame the fear of his own desires. Hence, the relationship between King Kong and Jessica Lange is composed, between Jessica Bay and the Beast, and also between the American heiress Lucy Broadhurst and the son of Mathurin impoverished country nobleman Marquis de l `Pierre Esperance, who can not wait to see the two as soon as possible married to repair his financial situation. However, the family is also burdened by a curse, however, takes only the worried uncle to heart: If there is to marriage, will die Mathurin. This has a very Freudian Bewandtnis: 200 years ago, met an ancestor of the family in the adjacent forest, a wolf-like monster that raped her and then died. A story by showing the incoming Lucy very impressed, having seen her in a painting in the property and once the following night in a dream experienced. The next morning, Mathurin is dead under the plaster cast on his hand is a wolf’s mouth instead of on his back a atrophied tail.

If a man fears for his morale, at its strongest when its share of animal must recognize. It distills Borowczyk no Catholic morality, as he intones the hymn to the subdued nature or culturally Instinktereservoir the same animal and human relativizing brings into play. It is the literal fulfillment of the cultural use of animal symbols, the robbery of those privileges, which can be the man to triumph over the (their own) nature. This makes the film so heartily soiled wise. Here, the repressed sexuality is not shameful projected onto nature, but both elements come together. Although initially in a perilous fight, the rape, however, is soon resolved, after desire prevails and hence the beast dies. This is not a bombastic male fantasy: The symbol of the code, the form for the fear of the inner impulses and nature, therefore does not propose (back and that would be indeed a bombastic and aggressive male fantasy – because it is the destruction of the its established sexual order) secretly pleasurable delight she takes in the flesh than on, for which she was conceived. And of course, perishes in it. If the shift in its form of fear no longer works, then the beast has served as a symbol.

That there is much more to say about this film is already an indication of the lavish booklet. That an accurate disclosure policy is found in combination with simply perfect facilities in this country rarely proves, in the good (for themselves) and bad (for the market), image disturbance. One of the few labels whose releases are subscribed to.

(Sven Jachmann)

Title: The Beast Original Title: La Bête Country of production: France Year of production: 1975 Length: 94 (Min) Published by: image disturbance format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital mono, German, French EAN: 4042564108774 Extras: short film “L’escargot de Vénus”, short documentation “Borowczyk madness”, Interviews, Deleted Scenes, Photo Gallery, 52seitiges Booklet

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