DVD – The Bay (DVD)

DVD - The Bay (DVD)

The Bay (DVD)

               Genre: Documentary
               Japan, dolphins, sea, fish, fishing

Flipper can not die

  Each year, 23,000 Japanese fishermen kill dolphins. Yet. For the first time a documentary has been able to uncover the bloody slaughter. Thus the survival of marine mammals are sky rocketing. But not only that: Quasi “casually” successful director Louie Psihoyos a fascinating insight into the world of the humane animal. At the Sundance Film Festival, won the Bay / The Cove at this year’s Audience Award for Best Documentary. Done

What in the bay of the small town of Taiji, has so far no one can prove it. Greenpeace also failed in the high-security fences as the reporter renowned magazines. In order to be able to trick the guards had to ascend, the American photographer and director Louie Psihoyos a series of high-tech devices are: militärfähige thermal imaging cameras, remote-controlled helicopters, artificial rock with a hidden camera technique. The desperate secrecy policy by the Japanese authorities do not naturally come by chance. Once the world learns what is happening in this place of earth, breaking the madness collapses.

Nevertheless, the film crew does well to keep the audience not only from all too explicit images. But kidnap him again in a counter-roadmovie: the animals in the wild, where they can with their leaps of joy run wild. In such episodes, we learn, for example, protect people from sharks such as dolphins. Or how they contact if they encounter divers. Or, as they imply a person their feelings.

Those who are thinking of pinball – the successful TV series from the 1960s – is not entirely wrong. Ric O’Barry of the film’s central figure: the man, who then trained the five pinball “actors”. O’Barry has undergone a breathtaking transformation. First he was part of the profiteer and Dolphinariums-billion dollar industry, then a radical animal rights activists, the dolphin liberation because of his actions ended up several times in prison. Struggling with how deep inner conviction and strength of this man for his fellow creatures – that alone makes the film worth seeing.

The scandal of Taiji is twofold. It concerns the business with the dolphinariums like the killing. Only fishermen drive brings together hundreds of animals in the bay, which will be completed on three sides by high cliffs. Then they block with nets to escape into the open sea. The next day, traders arrive, up to 150,000 U.S. dollars for a live dolphin pay the remainder of his life in captivity of a show or a Dolphinarium has to spend. But only a few animals to come into question. The rest push the fishermen in the adjacent high-security bay, where they will be massacred with spears, knives and hooks. That the film is a picture that is much stronger than concrete details: the bay turns red.

It’s amazing is how to create and Psihoyos O’Barry despite clear bias to maintain a balance between argument and agitation, between education and anger. And yet almost every scene of this incredible vibrating energy that a person probably only be fulfilled if it drives deep inside a mission. “Dolphins are the only known wild animals, people rush to their aid in distress,” says director Psihoyos. “Now it is time that we help them .”

(Peter Gutting)

Title: The Bay (DVD) Original Title: The Cove Country of production: USA Year of production: 2009 Length: ( #) 88 (Min) Published by: Euro Video format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, English, German EAN: 4009750252147 Extras: Interview with Ric O’Barry, Interview with Louie Psihoyos, the freeing of the dolphins Documentation “Mercury Rising share ‘, Impressions of freediving, Mandy and the dolphins, Taiji Whale Festival, preparations for Coup

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