DVD – Taking Woodstock (DVD)

DVD - Taking Woodstock (DVD)

Taking Woodstock (DVD)

               Genre: Comedy, Music Film
               Woodstock, concert, hippies, 1960s

more pubic hair, please!

  Almost exactly on the month there are now 40 years ago that took the most important festival of music history, Woodstock, his chaotic course. The award-winning director Ang Lee has not only put his own desire for movies with more serious themes The Ice Storm, Brokeback Mountain ( “Lust, Caution) is now time to be allowed to shoot a comedy, probably also taken this anniversary as an opportunity to enter the Taking Woodstock to be interpreted as true, personal circumstances of the mammoth concert – is based on the memoirs of Elliot Tiber, without the Woodstock would have taken place.

Summer 1969 in the rural town of Bethel, New York: The Motel of the eccentric family Teichberg pretty – come down, despite the wonderful location in the Catskill Mountains, a popular resort area in the state. The desolate situation is mainly due to the rough temperament from Sonia Teichberg (Imelda Staunton), which, with its rugged nature makes repeatedly clear that it is not really interested in guests. Luckily, it means her son Elliot (Demetri Martin), who actually lives in New York as an interior designer, give thanks to its soothing nature of the threatened foreclosure of the property one last reprieve. Nevertheless, it must produce a new business idea – and fast. Otherwise, the motel is gone once and for all.

Finally, there is a small newspaper notice that Elliot brings the saving idea. Since the neighboring Wallkill an Open Air Festival has rejected the hippie movement offers Elliot the organizer Michael Lang (Jonathan Groff) on the lawn of the motel and the rooms. After the first inspection, there is the ground but quickly out to be too small. By Elliot once again has a big idea – the great pasture of the dairy farmer Max Yasgur (Eugene Levy) would be exactly the right place. And indeed: for $ 5000 will be the concert organizers and the farmer-factory. But this is only the beginning of an insane way, stands at the end of a giant “Love & Peace” Happening, which has written music history. And which will radically change the life of Elliot and his family.

Sometimes there are hardly foreseeable difficulties in delivering even an experienced director like Ang Lee did almost insoluble problems. Who had in the production of his new work establish that it is now almost impossible to find hundreds of extras that are still in full possession of her pubic hair and all of them should have no athletic physique. Because in the 60 / 70’s just no one has made great sport. How times have certainly changed – “the times, they are a-changing …”

At the Cannes Film Festival, where Taking Woodstock was shown in competition, has been sporadically criticized the fact that Ang Lee, the real concert and the musicians on stage almost completely hides. And overlook is the tremendous sophistication of this courageous decision. Because the alleged defect is in fact a huge win for the film. The story behind the often glorified mega event of the hippie era has even without the parade of musical heroes enough wit, charm and quirky characters to shed new light on the festival. To make a time to be alive, as they will probably never return again. No, Taking Woodstock is by no means an infusion of old documentaries about Woodstock, but an intelligent, on a nutshell description of dazzling characters who have populated the festival for the hundreds of thousands. Thoroughly sympathetic Hippies on the Sex-Drugs-and-trip, as they are – vibrant playful, psychedelic, and about themselves – then there has certainly may encounter.

The Nebenszenerien diverse and complementary, well-illustrated moments of the film – for example, a small coming-out story or a closing yet another liberating relationship with parents Elliot – Lee weaves together in a respectful, gentle way into the overall plot and the great love and empathy for his characters is the director felt this firsthand.

Taking Woodstock – another compelling film by Taiwanese Ang Lee, then, can be impressively demonstrated that he also staged light, airy retro summer comedies in the context of American rural life rich detail and delightful.

(Joachim Short / Michael Spiegel)

Title: Taking Woodstock (DVD) Country of production: USA Year of production: 2009 Length: 116 (Min) Published by: Universal format: 16:9 EAN: 5050582760965 Extras: Audio commentary with director Ang Lee, Making Of, Deleted Scenes, Featurette: No. Audience Required: The Earth Light Players, Featurette: Horsing Around The Set

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