DVD – Super Mario Bros.

DVD - Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros.

               Genre: Comedy, Adventure Movie, Family Movie
               Princess, king, dinosaurs, plumbers
  Every child of the 1980s and 1990s knows the jump and run games for the plumber Mario. The collection of points to fight (against funny enemies and via the mushrooms!) Bonus Second Wind – compared to the games today, now almost stone-age entertainment. Computer game adaptations in the early 1990s were just a little bit in fashion and they tried also with the mega successful Super Mario Bros. to make money. The real task, the film went off pretty backwards, does the (retro) fun not diminish. The 50 million U.S. dollar production costs were not recorded to some extent, but the film still one tight-knit fan base has. For good reason, Super Mario Bros. – The Movie in its best moments was trippy trip that overflows with ideas.

The plumbers Mario (Bob Hoskins, Who Framed Roger Rabbit) and Luigi (John Leguizamo, Land of the Dead) stuck in a jam, they have been for weeks, no more good-paying job. As Luigi in the paleontologist Daisy (Samantha Mathis, American Psycho, in love Punisher), her life is suddenly more than exciting. For a private tour of a construction site, found dinosaur bones in the Daisy, Mario and Luigi prevent an attack on the locality. But Daisy falls through a portal into a parallel world. Mario and Luigi follow it and end up in a strange city to live in the lizard and mutants. Is the evil ruler Kooba (Dennis Hopper, Easy Rider, Land of the Dead), which is behind an amulet ago, wears the Daisy’s neck. Because Daisy is the daughter of former King of this parallel. Only Mario and Luigi can stop the dark Kooba, with the amulet in our world go …

as the reviewer’s notes for the film no longer thinks it has to go just so. Super Mario Bros. – The Movie is an entertaining and just a little dusty film that makes no bones about it, feast on his ideas and record values. Although Bob Hoskins once said in an interview, Super Mario Bros. was the biggest mistake of his career, he obviously has great fun with his role. And villain Dennis Hopper seems obvious delight in malicious Kooba have, although he now wants to know nothing of the film. There are also first computer effects to be admired. If such a person is transformed into a Goomba – a warrior with a huge dinosaur body and mini head – you see the CGI in its infancy. Rounding out the DVD will give a nostalgic cult Making Of, in which the performers – surprise, surprise – only positive. As picture and sound are successful and can admire the magnificent Renato Casaro poster artwork on the cover, there is no reason to not put Super Mario Bros. – The Movie on the shelf.

(Renatus Töpken)

Title: Super Mario Bros. Year of production: 1993 Length: 100 (Min) Published by: Lions Gate Home Entertainment ( #) format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, English, German EAN: 401032427726 Extras: Making Of, Trailer (# )

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