DVD – Soul Power

DVD - Soul Power

Soul Power

               Genre: Documentary, Music Film
               Concert, Muhammed Ali, Zaire, boxing, unerhört2009, music festival, Kinshasa, Don King

Disadvantages cultural divides

  “I need to get up and do my thing!” Before he can see, he’s already heard vehemently, in vigorous repetition, accompanied by a distinctively wild and murmuring approvingly chorus, then he will appear in the image: James Brown in an unspeakable, tight-fitting suit with a daring neckline, prodigious kicking and teasing puffed sleeves. Thus the documentary opened one curious music festivals of 1974 taken in Kinshasa in what was then Zaire, from the mission to bring so-called African-American musicians with their African colleagues, together on stage.

The call to the unseen “Motherland” sounds followed by greats like James Brown, BB King, Miriam Makeba, The Spinners, Sister Sledge, Bill Withers and The Crusaders. But that’s not enough, the American boxing promoter Don King celebrated in this context also as the “Rumble in the Jungle” referred to in the fight for the heavyweight world title, then held the George Foreman and his opponent was none other than the legendary Muhammad Ali. Musste be moved and is surrounded by psychological and socio-cultural symbolism of strength training on the basis of a breach of George Foreman for a good month, spent the protagonists of this exciting event in Kinshasa, has already held three-day concert. The details in the footage from the time Jeffrey Levy-Hinte tinkered together the documentary Soul Power, which was shown around the world following its premiere in Toronto on various film festivals and is now published by Arthaus first time on DVD.

Does the organization of this exceptional cultural events even at times a bit bumpy, so it is just the improvisation and the spontaneous cooperation of the people involved, which characterize the unique atmosphere that is being transported to a Soul Power exciting and moving document of a cross-cultural attitudes to make, which seems extremely innovative for its time. Here there is no pleasing harmony, given the lofty mission of a (post) colonial constellations difficult meeting, but an open, ambivalent people dealing with each other, characterized by benevolent curiosity and a willingness to allow the other to be different and yet with respect and tremendous Pleasure to meet on the border territory of the music and to touch him.

Soul Power thrives on the presence and performance of the protagonists, who meet in a generous time frame, and addressing the complex impressions with their individual characteristics, thoughts, and above all emotions. When Muhammad Ali discussing his provocative very own way with the musicians of the importance of these meetings, the complexity and intricacy of the social divides clearly have emerged beyond the personal embodiment of the different personalities on the basis of historical developments.

In less than a half hour of this wonderful documentary succeeds, so pleasing as profound insight into the events surrounding the legendary Rumble in the Jungle present, who manages a unique moment, across the abyss politically generated to balance differences. With great regret that separates the audience at the end of the film by the moods and vibrations of the very different protagonists and their musical performances, whose account he had followed all too happy for a good while yet.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: Soul Power Country of production: USA Year of production: 2008 Length: 92 (Min) Published by:

DVD - Soul Power

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