DVD – Shallow Grave

DVD - Shallow Grave

Shallow Grave

               Genre: Comedy, Crime, Satire
               Overdose, shared flats, suitcases, Edinburgh, Loft, Cannes 1994

from the corruptibility of Friendship

  The banal folk wisdom that it was bad ordered to improve the quality of a friendship, once a financial aspect plays a considerable role in this criminal is driven, relentlessly quirky comedy from 1994 to the extreme. The feature debut of British director Danny Boyle, which was premiered at the International At Cannes Film Festival, is just as bitter and angry as humorous satire on the brutal greed for the really big money dar.

to a merciless casting immediately organize the attractive doctor Juliet Miller (Kerry Fox), the cynical journalist Alex Law (Ewan McGregor) and the meticulous accountant David Stephens (Christopher Eccleston) searching for a fourth roommate for their exclusive shared flat in Edinburgh, Scotland. With rough Stoner, joyous sarcasm the tight-knit trio of numerous candidates for the pretty availability interviewed, and at first it looks just as though no single candidate worthy of their company values.

When, finally, the cool and elegant looking Hugo (Keith Allen) presenting with Juliet, she agrees with Alex and David, the room rent to him, who then quickly moves in with his possessions clearly there. But much curiosity his new roommates do not get to see of him, and when Hugo even after its massive calls does not show, they decide to simply break the sealed door of the room – and found the naked dead with Hugo on his bed.

appears succumbed to a drug overdose Hugo leaves a suitcase full of cash with a considerable whose discovery that surprised trio keeps them from alerting the police. Initially perplexed, but increasingly seduced by the prospect of a fortune to go to the sworn friends to remove the corpse, which they will draw lots in a professional manner, a butcher who mutilate the dead Hugo unrecognizable. It is precisely the sensitive David, which falls this unpleasant task.

From this bloody action visibly traumatized, David begins to change too daunting. Paranoid, he watches over the money hidden in the attic, and his distrust Juliet and Alex against obsessive, oppressive traits is assumed until he finally barricaded on the apartment and watched his joy through holes drilled into the ceiling. The situation is gaining turbulence, when both the police enter as well as two ruthless violent gangsters on the scene, which are obviously behind the money come …

awarded several prizes satisfied with Shallow Grave with its fast-paced drama his grandiose Leading actors and his amusing and irreverent humor, the oblique one or other hand out to the Scottish society. The transformation of the triune, arrogant and contemptuous against the vulgarity of the outside world to a little mocking bulwark hell out of distrust, hostility and betrayal takes place just as exciting as consistent within the striking characters.

The superb cinematography by Brian Tufano, the races at the beginning of the film through the urban space, gives the film an appealing visual dynamics that manifests itself in expressive motion picture compositions. Appearance of the growing brutality also initially as a repellent, an insurmountable impossibility, suggests that resistance in the course of action in fierce, almost passionate Engagement at – a cruel farewell to the pathos of friendship and conspiratorial same.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: Shallow Grave), with friends (# Original Title: Shallow Graves Country of production: United Kingdom Year of production: 1994 Length: (# ) 89 (Min) Published by:

DVD - Shallow Grave

16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 2.0, English, German ( #) EAN: 4006680052182 Extras: booklet with lyrics for the film, trailers

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