DVD – scandals à la carte (DVD)

DVD - scandals à la carte (DVD)

Affairs à la carte (DVD)

               Genre: Comedy
               Food, conflicts

Ménage à dix

  What happens when invited to a dinner to go, no one really wants to score? There will be subtle jabs, ugly discharged relationship conflicts, trivial banter and unexpected encounters. A nice evening is different, but the inauguration of a new designer kitchen makes this social event inevitable.

Hosts this evening are the culinary Advocate ML (Karin Viard) and her husband Piotr (Dany Boon). Preparations are in full swing, and Piotr, just become unemployed, prepared as always on such occasions, his Polish favorite dish. All present shudder at the idea of having to eat it again but the wine and slowly pushes it down the networks of relationships revealed among the guests. The Parisian bourgeoisie has assembled here at a table, engrossed in the business relationships, love relationships are acted out refreshed and hate relationships. In addition to the medical couple Mélanie (Marina Foïs) and Alain (Patrick Bruel), of which the non-white one, that the other has an affair with a jockey, seems the lawyer Lucas (Christopher Thompson), who is not pleased when his wife Sarah (Emmanuelle Seigner), still seems shocking and embarrassing stories from her psychotherapy with the audience to understand. Juliette (Marina Hands), the sister of C, brings with her old boyfriend twice as Erwann (Patrick Chesnais), and they want to fit with their beat-up Beetle Cabriolet does not quite elitist in this round. When she learns that her father Henri (Pierre Arditi) will be present, it rotates through almost, and only the patient persuasion Erwann helps to avoid a worse situation. The spontaneously invited flamenco teacher Manuela (Blanca Li) seems the animosity around the joiner mitzubekommen anything and cuisine, Jean-Louis (Laurent Stocker), writes in secret under the dining table erotic text messages to his former mistress ML, which they stoically ignored. The evening ends with the wistful memories of Erwann and Henri, the hinterhertrauern their own youth and the promise to return all soon. A year later, then is it so far, and the round will be together again. But in a year can be done much, and the cards were shuffled among the tens of the Round Table extremely new. Besides a broken heart, there are refreshing love, has taken off writing talent, new life and old ideals. The only one who seems not to have changed this year, the designer kitchen …

scandals a la carte and directed by Daniele Thompson is an entertaining comedy that the Who’s Who of French cinema combined has. Needless to say, falls in society, socially movies – and as such sees itself affairs à la carte – the keyword Claude Chabrol. Danièle Thompson may have been based on some points in it, but in its totality, “Le Code a changé,” says the original title of this comedy, unconvincing. The unmasking of the individual figures and the revelation of those chasms on the one hand is held at too great wink and the other is through the spinal cord, Melanie and the cancer Manuela brought in too much weight. Bit of both less and reducing the all too often used cliché the film had done well. Just as the fragmentation of the plot leads to confusion in some places, the narrative break between the two time periods, between the two dinners get too crass. Suddenly the viewer is located in the same kitchen table one years later, staring at the wheelchair Melanie and by the chemotherapy, the short hair Manuela’s only slowly and feels at home in the new world the ménage à dix. The intention of Danièle Thompson and her son Christopher when scandals a la carte pursued, namely to show that “there is often only a split second later, but the need […] influenced our lives,” they had effectively – even in a can implement Comedy -.

(Silvy Pommerenke)

Title: affairs à la carte (DVD) Original Title: Le Code a changé Country of production: France Year of production: 2009 (# ) Length: 96 (Min) Published by: Euro Video format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, German, French ( #) EAN: 4260170490223 Extras: Making Of, Deleted Scenes, Interview with Dany Boon, an interview with Daniel Thompson, trailers, recipe for Bigos

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