DVD – Salami Aleikum (DVD)

DVD - Salami Aleikum (DVD)

Salami Aleikum (DVD)

               Genre: Comedy
               Love, province, migration, Metzger

A captivating key clash of cultures

  The German-Iranian Mohsen Taheri (Navid Akhavan), despite its origin as a truly sensitive souls. Though he toils in his father’s butcher shop in Cologne, he can really see no blood, and is therefore in the eyes of his father (Michael Niavarani) is something of a failure. And even his real talent is not really inspired to reconcile his father with him: Mohsen knitting passionate – as unmanly. No wonder then that the young man in his late twenties rather lost in his daydreams.

As his father but because of the remnants of illegal disposal of slaughterhouse waste into the bins of neighbors by revoking the license is Mohsen from one day to another has an obligation, if he did not finally it together, the family lost the butcher and thus the basis for life. Fortunately, it offers an opportunity unexpectedly, as he can get rid of the dilemma. But on the way to Poland, where Mohsen, should play a load of sheep and transported to Germany, he lands his damaged truck precisely in the small East German backwater Upper coppice, where all is not exactly well-disposed towards foreigners. In search of a workshop, he met Ana (Anna Boeger), a gigantic ex-shot putter, and promptly falls in love with the blonde Teutonin. At least the same as he did, why Mohsen has also just one more problem: How is he to the beloved, a vegetarian animal lover teach that it precisely (although it is reluctantly) Metzger sensitive?

In his distress, there is the German-Iranians as a textile expert – and thus ends up in the next dilemma. For from now on keep it all in upper coppice for an investor who wants to bring the once-proud VEB “Textile joy” back on its feet. This assures him the affection of the inhabitants. And finally, he manages to even win the heart of the blonde giantess of. But when Mohsen’s parents suddenly stopped at the door, threatening to fly the final mesh lies …

Turbulent, with plenty of wit, a number of turns and plenty of pleasure in cliches collide against each other in a very ironic way, the director Ali Samadi Ahadi’s culture-clash comedy staged. And surprised by his moving, award-winning documentary Lost Children Now with this very bizarre movie that hardly anyone would have expected it from him.

While we suspect very quickly as a spectator, where the cinematic journey leads to a barrier in the road to true love and happy endings are there in almost Salami Aleikum. But it is mainly the mixture of Sozialkomödie, fairytale, animation sequences and oriental game and color and joy that makes this movie a very entertaining and sometimes very striking pleasure. And a real insider tip, which shows that integration and understanding between cultures can sometimes be a very easy and very cheerful topic. If you look at itself and its opposite not take it too seriously.

(Paul Collmar)

Title: Salami Aleikum (DVD) Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2009 Length: 102 (Min) Published by: Zorro film format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, German EAN: 4047179441988 Extras: (# ) Making Of, Interviews, Trailer

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