DVD – Sabrina

DVD - Sabrina


               Genre: Comedy, Romance
               Paris, womanizer, chauffeur, Long Iceland, High Society

of the chauffeur’s daughter

  When the seriously rich Larrabee family is on their beautiful estate on Long Iceland one of their elegant parties for high society, observing the young Sabrina Fairchild (Julia Ormond) of a tree only too happy to the magnificent scenario – and especially David (Greg Kinnear) , the younger of two brothers Larrabee. Because ever since she can remember, is the shy daughter of the chauffeur irreversibly in love with the windy womanizer, whose conquest of strategies they can follow up to the juicy details inside. While David was on a social terrain and behind rampage leads mainly his older brother Linus (Harrison Ford) sustain operations, meet for the only purpose of the magnificent celebrations, important negotiations in a pleasant atmosphere.

Sabrina’s caring, educated father (John Wood), with whom she began since the early death of his mother a very cordial relationship and lives together with the rest of the house staff on the property of Larrabee, organized a stay abroad for his daughter in Paris, not least with the idea that the young woman is there, take off their enthusiasm for David. On the eve of her departure Sabrina then gathers all her courage to confess her love for David, but she mistakenly gets caught to Linus, who was just staying in the room of his brother and responded to this confession with an ironic composure, as is his wont. And so the next morning from Sabrina travels to Europe where she spent away from home after a few teething problems a wonderful time and, among other skills a good dose of self-acquired.

As fate would have it, take the flower and for some mature young woman after her return from Paris promptly crumble first on David Larrabee, whose omnipotence belongs in their thoughts with the distance began to increase. Beau The narcissist reacts immediately committed to their fresh beauty to recognize, but without Sabrina. When he invites her to the next party at the family home, goes to Sabrina for a long-cherished dream come true, but the romantic situation is not without a certain comic, because David still uses his all too often proven conquer strategy that Sabrina already several times observed has. In addition, his brother, Linus is eager not to let the two become intimately, because David is engaged to the beautiful Elizabeth (Lauren Holly) – a connection that would have an extremely favorable to the family business. So why Linus tries to spend as much time as possible alone with Sabrina, which all parties can not remain without consequences …

Based on the play Sabrina Fair. Or, A woman of the world. A romantic comedy / Sabrina. Comedy in Four Acts by Samuel A. Taylor presents Sabrina by Sydney Pollack is a modernized remake of the romantic story of 1995, already in 1954 by Billy Wilder with Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart in the lead roles and directed, inter alia, with a Oscar for best costume design and a Golden Globe for Best Screenplay by Samuel A. Taylor, Billy Wilder and Ernest Lehman was awarded. Even the remake was twice nominated three times in the category Music for an Oscar and a Golden Globe. Unlike the original black and white Sydney Pollack’s Sabrina strikes a conversational tone and significantly easier to design products with a few lengths too popular, but the effort is clearly to implement a modernized version of the story as a romantic fairy tale. It’s sometimes nice to look at, but for a two-hour film by Sydney Pollack, has turned the very excellent work, but then falls Sabrina from predominantly disappointing.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: Sabrina Country of production: USA Year of production: 1995 Length: 122 (Min) Published by: ( #) Kinowelt Home Entertainment format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 2.0, English, German EAN: 4006680054810 Extras: Behind the Scenes, interviews, documentation, “Harrison Ford – Held against their will,” Trailer

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