DVD – Rollercoaster (DVD)

DVD - Rollercoaster (DVD)

Rollercoaster (DVD)

               Genre: Documentary
               Berlinale 2009, flight, fraud, drug smuggling, Peru, Showman

The rapid rise and fall of Norbert Witte

  At the beginning and end of the film we see the man in a roller coaster, where you can just imagine the speed. Rigidly mounted on the truck it covers the face Norbert Witte, who in spite of the very high speed, completely relaxed, perhaps even resigned themselves to dream, and looks almost seems. Behind him in the blur to blur the bright lights of the fairground to a diffuse sea of darkness and colors, accompanied by a melancholy song sehnsuchtvoll Beirut “Elephant Gun”.

The history of Norbert Witte, the director, writer and cinematographer Peter told villagers in his film roller coaster, especially in Berlin has caused a lot of strong eddies. The Showman of passion, whose father, next to park and strip clubs to operate, was in the nineties as Berlin’s uncrowned king Rummel, who turned the former VEB Cultural Park “Plänterwald” the largest fair of the reunified Germany. A bold plan, which also went well for some time – until it was discovered that Witte had mercilessly verhoben themselves. In December 2001 the “Spreepark” bankruptcy reported on. And a month later, Witte moved with his family and six rides in containers according to Peru – which was interpreted by many as his flight from the creditors. But even in South America, he could not make it right foot, 2003, he put down in the Andean country knows that he is a flop and no help after several heart attacks differently than engage in a drug-smuggling, it should free itself from its financial plight.

The deal goes wrong, his son Marcel Witte, who knew about the business of his father, nothing was sentenced to 20 years in prison in Peru and lives there under incredible circumstances. His father is less serious about it, he was sentenced in 2004 to seven years imprisonment, but after 4 years is free again.

It is easy to brand, Witte because of the pure facts of the situation as liars and criminals. But who is this man in the same way as Peter meets villagers will find it hard to get this verdict maintained without further ado. Witte has certainly made many mistakes and so many injured people and harmed them. Not even the film leaves no doubt. But at the same time seems Witte as a dreamer, a big kid that was always full of risk and time and again was low. The amazing thing about him is above all that he stood up again and weitermachte – whether, after the terrible accident on the Hummelfest in Hamburg in 1981, when Skylab killed the seven people ride in his possession. Even after his imprisonment, his divorce from his wife Pia, who tried many things into perspective in his reports and stories within the film and subsequently as the real strength appears in the life of the maker, Witte again today about the future of his children to think – he re already planning the next project.

The daredevil Witte certainly seems to have been inherited. Otto Witte, an ancestor of the showman had claimed to be crowned in the turmoil of World War I as King of Albania – and remained so for their own data for four to five days. On his return after the war he was appointed an artist name adding “former king of Albania” in his passport and became one Pankower original. Not only for this reason would be for his grandson Norbert fit the title “King of former Rummel Berlin well. Especially as his career lasted much longer than that of his ancestors. Was

look at the 2009 Berlinale, where the film in the series “Perspectives on German Cinema,” which quickly became a hot tip roller coaster – and not just for Berliners, who know the Spreepark from personal experience. What perhaps may also be because that Witte’s history is rooted in a milieu in which we like to remember, our affinity for baubles and glitter, the roller coasters, rides and the food stalls, which belong to every amusement park. And for another rollercoaster tells a universal story of visions, hubris and the fragility of happiness, as we are witnessing in all fields of economy, a human, all too human story of the rise and fall of a man in the truest sense of the word quite high up wants. Even if the victor types are perhaps those that we admire – the failure is still what most of us know from personal experience. How comforting is it knowing that we are not so alone.

Roller coaster is a real godsend for the documentary cinema. A story that one can always imagine as a movie, because it contains all that what really needs great cinema – comedy and tragedy, high-flying dreams and bitter crashes, love, despair, and bankruptcies. And a human “heroes” who stands up all obstacles and over again. A difference to the film but there is still: The story Norbert Witte and his family is true. And touches on why (and thanks to the sophisticated and in some moments of deeply) Directed by Peter Dörfler’s even more poetic.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Rollercoaster (DVD) Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2009 Length: 89 (Min) Published when: Eye See Movies format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 2.0, German EAN: 7640105237494 Extras: (# ) Interview with Norbert Witte, Impressions from the Plänterwald, booklet

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