DVD – Resonnances – The Wümer are back!

DVD - Resonnances - The Wümer are back!

Resonnances – The Wümer are back!

               Genre: Horror
               Serial killer, worm
  Described on the cover as a mixture of Hitcher – The Highway Killer and Tremors – Im Land der Aftershocks that are not met the expectations created in the least. Such desperate name-dropping shows at once, of course, where the wind blows: As fast sales of the DVD, done before the (destructive) word of mouth her work. For lower-pubertal Resonnances offers humor and unsympathetic cast little positive. The comparisons with those films are far fetched.

On the way to a party the miners Thomas, Yann and Vincent meet at a lonely and apparently abandoned gas station on the old Sebastien. The car broke down and had allegedly asked for a ride. Somewhat reluctantly, take the zwielichen man. Shortly thereafter, be warned via radio in front of a fugitive serial killer … * gulp *. When the car crashes over a cliff, then Sebastian shows his true colors. The injured, some seriously have to make friends before the madmen in safety. But then several giant worms emerge and want to refugees as killers in the neck …

is positive stress that some scenes are quite successful. The rise of a huge water reservoir, the car, hanging in a tree crown in the best Jurassic Park-style, or crawl around the whirling earth, under which the worms. This however never for the quality of the legendary (and necessarily reached to be recommended) four Tremors films will be quickly realized. This contributes, among other things, the very tough cut pace (some scenes at the beginning of the movie just takes too long), the lousy dubbing and the annoying Overacting of the performers at. The fighting them with ludicrous to have conflicts, it is not in their incompetent, but the lousy script. Just as brilliant put forward genre cliches like “Holy shit, we gotta get outta here” and of course, “Come and fetch me, you fucking monster.” The brazen plagiarism of magnificent ruins cover is then just the cherry on this slating.

(Renatus Töpken)

Title: Resonnances – The Wümer are back! Original Title: Resonnances Country of production: France Year of production: 2006 Length: 91 (Min) Published by: Hamburger Medien Haus format: 4:3 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, German DD 2.0, French EAN: 4260118676245 Extras: None

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