DVD – Prom Night 3

DVD - Prom Night 3

Prom Night 3

               Genre: Comedy, Horror
               High School, sequel, teen, murder, prom
  The third part of the Prom Night series is not so much horror and splatter, but clearly a trashy horror-comedy with occasional blood deposits. Really good Prom Night 3 is not true, but not too awful. Two director share this time the folding chair. Ron Oliver is already known from Prom Night 2, is hereby producer Peter Simpson, his only directing from the deck.

In high school, Alex (Tim Conlon) is not that of seal pups. He does have a pretty girlfriend, but the grades are lousy. But this is changing, as Mary Lou (Courtney Taylor), who died in Prom Night 2, returns from hell to take revenge on all Sciliar and teachers. She falls in love with Alex, and takes from now on, its fate in the hand. It will look like so that anyone who harassed him die, or his “career” in the way must. This naturally applies also to the people who upset Mary Lou – Alex’s girlfriend Sarah (Cynthia Preston), for example. This will then Alex too much. The sex with Mary Lou is indeed great and the good marks are not to be despised. But it is all worth it?

What is positive notice that Prom Night 3 hardly be taken seriously. Everything is Trashy-coated and ironically glorifies (pay attention to the announcements in the school corridors), the splatter effects are hard but not too violent (Incidentally, the film is not – as announced on the cover – uncut) and the dialogues are simply great cinema. “Honey, you’re angry.” “I am never angry, I bake!” Cut in the kitchen, where the overcrowded stacked cake plates. Prom Night 3 is an obvious direct-to-video production, which takes up to annoying-hysterical early pace, has plenty of humor and scores with acceptable (but cut) splatter. It will also change the sloppy back cover anything.

(Renatus Töpken)

Title: Prom Night 3 Original Title: Prom Night III: The Last Kiss Country of production: USA Year of production: 1990 Length: 95 (Min) Published by: Splendid Entertainment format: 4:3 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, German DD 2.0 , English EAN: 4013549873673 Extras: None

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