DVD – Paranormal Investigations

DVD - Paranormal Investigations

Paranormal Investigations

               Genre: Thriller, Horror
               Ghosts, paranormal phenomena, haunted house, ghost hunters
  The obvious first: Title and Cover Design of Paranormal Investigations leans unmistakably on the success of last year’s low-budget Abräumer Paranormal Activity. Had it recorded with the alleged $ 15,000 budget legendary 150 million. Paranormal Activitywurde soon as the “new” Blair Witch Project is known. What could be more than a similar film to take and adjust its marketing? Has indeed been at Open Water 2 (works more or less). Whether director Sean Tretta and his co-author Mike Marsh is thrilled that her Death of a Ghost Hunter as the original title (now) a different name? On the other hand, the film in this country under other circumstances would have never been published.

In the house of Peter Masterson (William McMinn) is haunted. 20 years ago, was killed here a whole family and the spirits of the dead will not rest. With the help of the famous ghost hunter Carter Simms (Patti Tindall), the ghost will come to an end. To document the whole thing to be a young journalist and a cameraman got on board. Getting close encounters are not excluded. But only with the emergence of Mary Young (Lindsay Page), who wants to be in the investigation process of taking the specter threatening forms.

Paranormal Investigations is better than expected, much was Vorneweg said. That the film is more in the direction haunted house for Paranormal Activity developed (as a house brand is called only Amityville Horror), is quickly realized. The gloomy atmosphere is menacing and oppressive, the actors do a decent job, and the interspersed Shocks are well placed and never predictable. Like the underrated Blair Witch 2, walk along the path of part documentary, feature and documentary scenes are joined. With 100 minutes Paranormal Investigations is a little bit but then got too long, but the cut is every now and then a bit too tough.

In spite of these criticisms is to say, outweigh the positive impressions and let Paranormal Investigations into an enjoyable movie for genre fans will.

(Renatus Töpken)

Title: Paranormal Investigations Original Title: Death of a Ghost Hunter Country of production: USA Year of production: 2007 Length: ( #) 100 (Min) Published by: Euro Video format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, German DD 2.0, English (# ) EAN: 4009750241608 Extras: Trailer

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