DVD – Nude

DVD - Nude


               Genre: Drama
               London, loneliness, cynicism, night watchman, Cannes 1993

A bittersweet tribute to the angry desolation

  The British filmmaker Mike Leigh seems to the audience naked with his tremendously sad task to which he also wrote the screenplay, a few. Then drag the consistently obnoxious, degenerate and cunning anti-hero Johnny (David Thewlis) and his bitter cynicism, bad-disoriented by London, after he escaped a fall on the case from Manchester, where he has gone to a woman and now the revenge her family fears.

From momentary embarrassment rather than a yearning for a reunion in London is looking out Johnny’s former girlfriend Louise (Lesley Sharp), with the naive Sophie (Katrin Cartlidge) residing there in a small apartment. While Sophie perceives the emergence of the loquacious, brash bum as an amusing diversion, Louise is initially unenthusiastic, Johnny met with Sophie in the apartment when she comes home from work, especially since the ex-boyfriend again with abusive, derogatory attacks welcomed.

Still brewing that a gradual rapprochement between Louise and Johnny, the primus inter pares but at the same time with Sophie. But the almost manic at times of unrest Johnny prefers to meet again in the desolate urban spaces of the night in London, where he encounters all sorts of oblique forms in which he sharpens the remnants of his egocentric vanity. Is he also trying to reconnect with the then still very hopeful Louise, Johnny finally goes to the physically impaired but again on the flight out to the street …

In the contest of the International Cannes Film Festival premiered in 1993 was awarded naked there twice – as best director for Mike Leigh and David Thewlis as Best Actor. In addition, the film was nominated for a BAFTA Award, among other things, and the Independent Spirit Award and won in 1994 at the Toronto International Film Festival and at the Sudbury Cinefest and won the London and New York Film Critics Circle Award and the award of the National Society of Film Critics Awards, the USA.

Is not the utterly banal plot, but the smoldering intense, bleak mood is thick with Naked in the foreground, which conjures up an almost frightening scenario of urban society and its outcasts. Director Mike Leigh (Secrets & Lies / Secrets & Lies, 1996, Vera Drake, 2004, Happy-Go-Lucky, 2007) has succeeded with this film, a haunting, unsentimental examination of social and personal abyss in which the constantly-present undercurrent of despair protagonist is discharged in verbal as physical violence. Here foul rule non-committal with no hope of lasting change, where human creature will ruthlessly unmasked in their greed for short-term contracts Kicks – not a pretty, but a touching film with incredibly intense expressive images of an urban reality as a territory of unutterable loneliness, the existential expression digs deeply and disturbingly into the consciousness of the viewer.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: Nude Original Title: Naked Country of production: United Kingdom Year of production: 1993 Length: 124 (min .) Published by:

DVD - Nude

format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 2.0, English, German EAN: 4006680052212 Extras: booklet with lyrics for the film, short films, “The Short & Curlies” by Mike Leigh and “Hello, Hello, Hello” by David Thewlis

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