DVD – New Town Killers

DVD - New Town Killers

New Town Killers

               Genre: Thriller
               Teens, Fantasy Filmfest 2009, hunting, banker, playing hide –
  Every year come such films as New Town Killers on the market. Survival thriller, in which one is chased by others. The millions now hot game, The Running Man with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hard Target (John Woo’s Hollywood debut wall) or Surviving the Game (with Ice-T as the hunted). They are all based more or less loosely on the short story The Most Dangerous Game of 1924. This is Stephen King at his Running Man-inspired short story also read all of them, is obvious.

Sean is around 20 and has a very huge problem: His sister is afflicted by shady loan sharks, and has 12,000 pounds of debt. When he also loses his job and the threats of massive Krediteintreiber are popping up on Alistair and Jamie: Two types of bankers in fine twine, which have the solution. Sean will not go into hiding and escape detection. Has he managed to reach the next morning to be taken not to include him the required 12,000. Sean is rightly suspicious, but when he is promised that everything was just a game, he agrees. And away you go with the man-hunt by night Edinburgh. Well, not a game. And money corrupts even the best of friends, one of the bitter lessons, learn to Sean that night must …

As already written, the idea of people hunting in the jungle city not too new. What’s New Town Killers, however, worth making, are the speed and the good performers. Above all the great Dougray Scott (Mission: Impossible II, Hitman), who lends his Alistair straight towards the end an almost demonic aura. With sleek Britpop soundtrack, further borrowings from David Fincher’s The Game and the underrated Judgment Night will be checked off the traditional Stations of the manhunt, there are now treacherous friends, the transformation of hunter and hunted for a decent firepower. Whereby the latter in limits and always just before it is too bloody, will be hidden. A few inconsistencies are to get over and the rockers, there is a cameo from Turbonegro. All in all a solid little action for an entertaining evening.

(Renatus Töpken)

Title: New Town Killers Country of production: United Kingdom Year of production: 2008 Length: 92 (Min) Published by : Kinowelt Home Entertainment format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, English, German EAN: 4006680050942 Extras: ( #) audio commentary by director Richard Jobson, music videos, “Isa And The Filthy Tongues” with “Inside Out” and “New Town Killers,” Behind the scenes, photo gallery, trailers, Wende Cover

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