DVD – MR 73 – Till Death redeemed you

DVD - MR 73 - Till Death redeemed you

MR 73 – Till Death redeem you

               Genre: Drama, Thriller, Crime
               Policeman, serial killers, revenge, alcohol

In the darkest night, and desperation

  The fact that this film will not end well, the suspects were already in the first minutes and images can be seen: From the black of the screen, we first have heard nothing but voices and begin to believe in a failure of the film. Only then peels out in a detailed recording craggy face, is emerging from the darkness an indeterminate situation, which focuses on the seedy cop Schneider (Daniel stands Auteil), which is heard from the colleagues of the Internal Audit Department. It quickly becomes clear that the Commissioner under a more than serious drinking problem and actually suffers from is no longer tenable. Even my colleagues to support him because of previous earnings and the heavy blow of fate, he had to suffer, they cover up his misdeeds and incite from the outside. However, it is only a matter of time until this man will fall into the abyss. As much as he is about the part that shows the following scene: Schneider sits, apparently dead drunk and accompanied on the soundtrack of Leonard Cohen’s song “Avalanche” in a bus fumbles, a crumpled cigarette from the pack, lights it, and forces the bus driver at gunpoint simply to drive him home, which calls a special task force of police on the scene.

This would solve the police in the night-black Marseille actually other problems. For a sadistic serial killer is haunting the town, the wealthy older ladies tortures, rapes her and then kills them. The modus operandi is exactly that of many years ago, convicted serial killer (Philippe Nahon). But still sits in jail, reportedly found God and is now to be released soon. Prior afraid Justine (Olivia Bonamy), whose parents were once slaughtered before their eyes from the killer and not to forget the experience. And when she finds out that the killer is set free of her parents, she is afraid. She knows that the killer has not forgotten them.

Because of recent Fehlverghaltens put in a complaint department, joins Commissioner Schneider a much to the displeasure of some of his dubious colleagues in the search for the killers and bring this trouble in the police. Because hardly any of his colleagues has nothing to hide. And then looking at him still Justine, who begs for his help. For, the murderer of the past once again pinned on their trail, he takes on the weather …

The MR 73 is a rip-roaring Olivier Marchal and very gloomy neo-noir succeeded, which is also in the classics (# ) film policier as Jean-Pierre Melville, and Sergio Leone, as well as one on the cool style of Michael Mann and darkness of Abel Ferrara’s Bad Lieutenant is based. Whether someone is a serial killer or a cop is played in this journey to hell no more importance, they are all damned and lost souls to the searching for redemption – even if it means death – stagger through the night in which everything begins and everything ends. From the darkness we come and into the darkness we return. The very furious, Catholicism clearly inclined as parallel montage at the end makes this abundantly clear: life is given and taken. What lies between is a journey of suffering and pain.
Really amazing that it has in Germany, this film never made it onto the canvas. In France, at least MR was 73 with some success in theaters.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: MR 73 – Till death redeemed you Original Title: MR 73 Country of production: France Year of production: 2008 (# ) Length: 125 (Min) Published by: Euro Video format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, German, French ( #) EAN: 4009750286548 Extras: Making Of (with German subtitles)

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