DVD – LOL (Laughing Out Loud) ® – (DVD)

DVD - LOL (Laughing Out Loud) ® - (DVD)

LOL (Laughing Out Loud) ® – (DVD)

               Genre: Comedy
               School, puberty, first love, mother-daughter relationship

Homage to La Boum – Die Fete

  Are teenagers different today than we were then? Are they crazy, bold, boundless? The French director Lisa Azuelos has made an inventory and with Lol (which stands for “Laughing out loud” is) a charming teen comedy filmed. Conclusion: The teens of today are younger and they communicate via the Internet and mobile phone differently than we were at that time. Their concerns and needs are the same as our time.

The focus of the film is the 15-year-old Lola from Paris (Christa Theret), which is known to friends shortly Lol. Your holidays are over. On the first day she meets her clique and her friend Arthur (again Félix Moati) and finds that her heart was not for him but for her best friend Maël (Jérémy Kapone) suggests. The new relationship, of course, runs far from smooth, but most of Lol scandalizes again with her mother to Anna – played by Sophie Marceau. 30 years after La Boum – Die Fete, in which she played at that time the thirteen-Vic and thus became a young star, she stands with this role now, on the other hand, is an adult and a mother of three children.

As Vic was already in La Boum – Die Fete Lol also passes through the difficult time of puberty. In love, jealousy and competition with the girls they employ much more than school, good grades and their future. Drugs in the form of joints are tried, the first sex takes place, secret parties are organized. Alcohol, cigarettes and music also play a role as the ongoing communication via the Internet, chat or phone. Lol what goes through my head, she does share with her friends and especially with her diary, but never with her mother. “This is my life,” Lol can always be known that when her mother threatened to interfere in it. This in turn, wonders, of course, what happens to their “young” daughter and why they are increasingly abnabelt of her. One day she happened to find her diary and reads it and confesses it Lol. It comes to a head.

It is not only interesting, as here, teenagers, their daily environment, and their leisure scrutinized. It is also essential, as their parents deal with it. A lot of frustration on the agenda, the daily rigorous or even overworked mothers and absent fathers. Divorce, as in the case are not unusual for parents of lols. All they seem to always want to prohibit only a few are, or are interested in their adolescent children. Also from lols mother can not claim that it is a good example for her daughter. It still makes himself secretly what they forbid their daughter strictly, such as Kiffen or bike ride. And pubertiert like myself now and again. She still meets with her ex-husband Alain (Alexandre Astier) and soon learns that the police know Lucas (Jocelyn Quivrin), which behaves almost like a teenager compared.

Although there is a French film, and touches the French way of life, treated the film more universal themes that may be relevant to almost anywhere in the world. So on the one hand, the concerns and needs of young people, on the other side are the difficulties that can arise in a mother-daughter relationship. As well as generational conflicts come in play, the lifestyles of their parents as a contrast to those of their children. It sometimes very different worlds collide. If lols friend Maël spends his free time in the band with his guitar, his father has done nothing more than to crush him in a rage about this.

Lol bottom line is a heartwarming feel-good movie – not just for teenagers. The director and writer Lisa Azuelos (Commencement t’y es belle!, Ainsi soient-elles), which plays a supporting role as a therapist, wants to attract viewers from 7 to 77 and that is also safe because their teenagers nothing exceptionally bad make take no hard drugs or fall victim to binge-drinking. Everything remains in a relatively orderly fashion and that is one boring, yours another pleasant visit. The film music of splashing fun at Keane, Supergrass and Blur there. He would have liked to go longer, but he also does not leave a deeper impression.

(Katrin Knauth)

Title: LOL (Laughing Out Loud) ® – (DVD) Country of production: France Year of production: 2008 Length: 99 ( min) Published by: Euro Video format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, German, French EAN: 4009750220887 Extras: The origin of LOL, casting, interviews with director Lisa Azuelos, Sophie Marceau, Jérémy Kapone and Christa Theret, Musicclip “Little Sister”

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