DVD – Ladybird Ladybird

DVD - Ladybird Ladybird

Ladybird Ladybird

               Genre: Drama
               Britain, housewife, underclass, asylum seekers

A story from the (real) life

  There are people who consider the difficulties of almost magical. Maggie (Crissy Rock) is such a person. And she even knows this best of all. When it is brought up in a karaoke bar by Jorge (Vladimir Vega) and invited for a drink, she pulls out a photo of her four children, and told the devotees that each other is descended from a father. One quickly senses that it is not over yet so with the losing streak. For, despite everything she wears, as was the song she sings, makes clear, want too much love to lose themselves in it: “I’ll pull in the accident and go to bed with him .”
(# ) As they told to see a few days later, Maggie Jorge their story: Raised in a family full of violence, shall be a continuation of the childhood experiences in adulthood. Again and again she is a victim of domestic violence. And yet it rises to the challenge. But fate seems to conspire against them and Jorge have to: When they go home back from a harmless Pubbesuch comes, it has gebrandt in her apartment, her son Sean was seriously injured, so turn on the authorities and the “bad mother” the custody of their children escape. Then she will become pregnant by Jorge and this baby threatens the same fate as his half-siblings. In addition, Jorge is caught as an illegal asylum seekers at work, so that it is now threatened with deportation. When the two have Maggie and Jorge, both of these social outsiders have a chance?

The real star of this film is (of course), Crissy Rock. The housewife from Liverpool and mother of six children, came from nothing and had except for a few gigs in pubs no acting experience when she was hired by Ken Loach for this role – in both senses, the role of her life -. The reward for the courage of Loach and his actress: As an absolute nobody in the film world was Crissy Rock in 1994, the Silver Bear for Best Actress. From housewives to movie star – a fairy tale, as one loves.

The movie is less a fairy tale – at least in a positive way – with his characters. Right at the beginning of the film the director makes it clear that this is a story that has something like this happens in real life. And that the woman, whose model was built according to the role of Maggie, has had less luck than Crissy Rock. Because life in the England of Margaret Thatcher can not be just as has that been to the detriment of lower-painful cuts in social security systems that have exacerbated the inequalities and injustices continue. To illustrate this, discourages Loach shrink from occasionally excessive dramatizations not, finally, the truth must sometimes compressed, pointed, and are driven down to the utmost to rouse the people.

With this premise, Loach’s understated production, its consistent refusal of an overly simple happy endings and Crissy Rocks forceful presentation of Maggie manages the film an almost documentary quality, says a lot about the lives of ordinary people in precarious situations. Despite all the sympathy on which the film never leaves any doubt – is looking for a simple blame game here in vain, within their respective capabilities, the parties have little potential to behave differently than they do. They are part of a system and operate in the way they have given it. So much for realism in the nineties there was really only in the British Cinema, one of the outstanding representatives of Ken Loach. A look at the situation today in England and elsewhere shows that the situation has improved little since then. Apart from the brutality of this film and its depressingly realistic worldview, this is the really frightening thing about Ladybird Ladybird.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Ladybird Ladybird Country of production: United Kingdom Year of production: 1993 Length: 98 (Min) Published by:

DVD - Ladybird Ladybird

format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 2.0, English, German EAN: 4006680052199 Tools : booklet with lyrics for the film, trailers

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