DVD – Jean Cocteau Edition

DVD - Jean Cocteau Edition

Jean Cocteau Edition

               Genre: Drama
               Artists, poets, story, surrealism, Orpheus

memories of a polymath

  Was he primarily a visual artist or a poet? Or a choreographer and set designer? Or not, perhaps, a film director with a truly fantastic imagination? When one’s life and work of Jean Cocteau (considered 1889-1963), it is mainly a question of the position on which of the many places of activity is the focus. But one thing is clear: Like no other artist Cocteau is a universal genius, the will to express a medium alone was not enough. The Pierrot Le Fou DVD label pays tribute to the master of poetic film with a Jean Cocteau Edition, which should be assembled three works by the artist, known to be especially Orphée.

This film goes back to the ancient legendary material to Orpheus and Eurydice, but the action moved to France in the years after World War II. The poet Orphée (played by Cocteau’s “male muse Jean Marais) meets a mysterious princess and falls in love with them. What he does not realize: The woman is the bodily death and allows him the effortless gliding into the beyond, of the Orphée always return back safe. But the strange and bizarre world behind the mirrors, it has done to the weary poet and he neglected his marriage reprehensible. When his wife dies in a car accident, he manages to go into the realm of the dead and bring his wife back from there. However, the act of mercy has a high price – Orphée his wife may never again look at …

Orphée is the second film version of the ancient material by Jean Cocteau, in 1930 he had created with the blood of a poet, an adaptation of the story which became one of the most influential films of the surrealist movement. While it can not absorb the subsequent processing of imagination and fantasy, with the early film work, but thanks to the mysterious atmosphere of the subsequent treatment of the topic is the ideal introduction to the Cocteau’s cinematic creations. Ten years after Orphée Cocteau turned pourquoi with his last film as a director with The Testament of Orpheus / Le Testament d’Orphée, ou ne me demandez pas! not even the Orpheus myth. It almost seems as if he had found in the shape of the poet, his ideal alter ego.

Are included in addition to the Jean Cocteau Edition, two lesser-known films by the artist: The double eagle / L’aigle à deux têtes, and the terrible parents / Les parents terribles, both from 1948. In the first two films of an anarchist to kill the queen, but the plan was to fly. Pursued by the police, the attackers fled into justamente the queen, which protects them from his pursuers. The two fall in love, especially as the man looks remarkably like the late King. But it is an affair without perspective …

The terrible parents finally told by a young man who still lives at home with his overprotective parents. When he falls in love with a young woman who gets the fragile construct of interdependence shaken, and the family out of balance.

Should follow the commendable here yet another part of this publication, including The Blood of a Poet and The Testament of Orpheus just mentioned, and perhaps it was once / La Belle et la bête (1946) again on the German DVD market makes available, would be the company of Jean Cocteau managed Edition completely. In any case, make these three films have an appetite for more.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Jean Cocteau Edition Country of production: France Year of production: 1949 Length: 293 (Min) Published by : Pierrot Le Fou / AL! VE format: 4:3 (1.33:1) tone / language: French (Dolby Digital 2.0), subtitles: German EAN: 4042564025088 Extras: trailers, audio commentary on “Orphée” by assistant director Claude Pinoteau, Documentation: Special Effects with Cocteau, interview with Cocteau’s niece, Dominique Marny

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