DVD – It Might Get Loud (DVD)

DVD - It Might Get Loud (DVD)

It Might Get Loud (DVD)

               Genre: Documentary, Music Film
               Rock `n` roll, electric guitar, The White Stripes, U2, Led Zeppelin

generation gap with guitar

  Well, the film’s title has really earned the title understatement. Overlooking the obvious has come in years “elder statesmen” of the Jimmy Page guitar solos tended to be perhaps even inclined to accept British understatement as the reason for winking decency of the title. Nevertheless, there is here for guitar Afficinados ordinary plank on the ears.

Outward motive for the film was the meeting of Jimmy Page ( Led Zeppelin ), David Howell Evans aka The Edge of U2 and Jack White of The White Stripes , who also still in various other bands such as The Raconteurs or contributing Electric Six . The three in experience, ability and reputation very different guitarists met at a joint session on 23 January 2008, the director Davis Guggenheim (An Inconvenient Truth / To Incovenient Truth) relaxes by Bays and connects with the biographies of the musicians. This is the first musical experiences and experiences in order to awaken to the mysteries of inspiration for musical role models and to their own goals. And material and anecdotes, these three musicians and their bands to offer truly. But best are – of course – the moments when the music plays. When Jimmy Page, the first sounds of allusion Whole Lotta Love , then you can feel that it is not about competition, but sincere respect for each other. And to the common love for an instrument.

The selection of the three musicians proved to be a real godsend. For it is not only age that is different from each other, the three guitarists, but also its handling of the instrument to play their way. The senior Jimmy Page is undoubtedly the virtuoso, a magician who conjures up a yard long and happy times in the style of the seventies solos from his guitar. Hard to believe that this is the same musicians, show the simple twelve-year old recordings as skiffle artists of legal accords. Pages excursion into the past leads to, inter alia, Headley Grange, a magical place where the famous album was simply called “IV.

The Edge is also a guitarist of high honor – and yet a completely different type than Page. During that relies primarily on its own technology, The Edge is a sound tinkerer that generates a multitude of effects units, the typical sounds of U2 . Even the simplest melodies so true soundscapes, solo, by contrast, come in the musical language of the guitarist from U2 as well as non-existent before.

The unsung hero, however, is the Dandy Jack White (whose real name is John Anthony Gillis). The unique blend of blues riffs and the aggressiveness of punk, the game may be characterized, have not the virtuosity of Jimmy Page or the effect of being in love The Edge. But it is in its restriction to the simple and the essentials of guitar playing shows a lot of the rebellious spirit of the Delta blues of the twenties and thirties and punk. When he assembles from the simplest of materials, a rudimentary guitar or praises the minimalist sound of Son House, then that is a homage to the impromptu and the raw rock and blues, reminiscent of the DIY spirit of punk, who is always sympathetic than the lachrymose one Jimmy Page, had complained of at one point of the film about the critics Led Zeppelin never really understood. And appreciated anyway. Moreover, it is primarily Pages statements, which run software again and again all the cliches that you ever had on guitarists. For example, one that every guitar that was like a woman who wanted to be petted. Yes, already clear … In the end it turns out also that he can not sing. But why is it finally guitars?

In spite of such slight slip is It Might Get Loud a furious journey through the world of electric guitar and a worth seeing documentation on three unusual musician. And for E-and air guitarists, this film is the first choice anyway. Let there be Rock!

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: It Might Get Loud (DVD) Country of production: USA Year of production: 2008 Length: 97 (min) ( #) Published by: Arsenal Film Distribution format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, English EAN: 4047179391689 Tools: Trailer

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