DVD – Israeli army

DVD - Israeli army


               Genre: Documentary
               Israel Army

dialectic of power and the moral ambivalence

  The tank as a guiding principle: it is maneuvered through streets and across deserts, the pictures show his factory, a young soldier, he is his five years inhabited home and a general, whose parents were gassed in it even felt reborn. This is not a soldier-romanticism, the machine does not bogey, nor steel has become omnipotent fantasy. It is the story of the dialectic of power and the moral ambivalence that brings with it its institutionalization, because they must think with the trauma of destruction: the history of the Israeli army, the armed forces to defend Israel.

Lanzmann continues to specify to what was discussed in Israel Why universal: Where are the cracks, when the same question after the normality of national and state identity is always a lived after the anomaly, as it was called. Specifically, about how a Jew can not arrest a Jew? And now: How does offering implying the reappropriation of violence in a world where the only states of individual and collective security? And what does it mean for a country whose people are trying their total annihilation and he survived and who has to defend himself with the first day of its creation – without any institutionalized and traditional experience in dealing with violence – against its destruction? Or specifically, what distinguishes them from all other army?

It is the story of a fighting spirit relearned, the reappropriation of courage – and the fear for survival. Defensiveness and attack as contradictory doctrine of Lanzmann be retranslated as experience of the Holocaust. Serves an attack from ambush, this is the premise immediately rush to the front of the guns. That does not increases the survival, is but another dead, General Vilnai. That is probably the most important lesson: The passivity meant the way to the gas chambers. David Grossman eventually said the reason that Israel was totally unprepared for the intifada, was the one that you’ve never seen as an occupying power. That is the reason why here all the words and faces by doubt and never bear witness to the heroism: A consistent army can not exist. This is also the painful realization that knows about all of this army that owes its existence.

(Sven Jachmann)

Title: Tsahal Country of production: France, Germany Year of production: 1991 – 1994 Length: 290 (Min) Published by: completely media format: 4:3 tone / language: Multi-language original version with German subtitles EAN: 9783898489638 Extras: (# ) None

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