DVD – infatuation (DVD)

DVD - infatuation (DVD)

Blindness (DVD)

               Genre: literature, mystery
               Family Secret, journalist, murder, hackers, industrialist

The phenomenon Stieg Larsson

  With high voltage was expected in autumn 2009 in addition to the usual suspects, most of all a movie that had already been provided in some European countries for a surprise success at the box office. For Stieg Larsson’s books have about the unorthodox Ermittlerpaar Michael Blomkvist and Lisbeth Salander firmly established itself within a short time on the German book market and has become a mega-bestseller. With infatuation, the filming of the first novel, the phenomenon could Stieg Larsson reach a recent peak. And it smells suspiciously like a hit movie. Especially delusion already in Denmark, Norway and France met with an extremely positive response at the box office. For replenishment is ensured even started: condemnation and forgiveness are also part of the 2 a.m. to 3 p.m. Millennium Trilogy , both of which can be directed by Daniel Afredson their way into the cinemas. Originally had been planned to show only the last two parts on television. But it is now after the success in cinemas waste.

Is repeated year after year, the game has now been 40 years ago: Always on his birthday, receives the Swedish Industrial Henrik Vanger (Sven-Bertil Taube a package) with a present, a dried plant that is placed in a picture frame. Normally this would be a cause for celebration, but the now-aged entrepreneurs reminds Harriet that gift to the incredible and still unexplained disappearance of his niece, who loved the childless man as his own daughter. No wonder that the deep wound tearing this loss again and again. And now, after so many years of uncertainty, Vanger will finally be certain about what really happened at that time. And he already has the right candidate for the subversive activities by the scanty evidence – the investigative journalist Michael Blomkvist (Michael Nyqvist), which is on account of his detective skills are simply named “Kalle Blomkvist.

While Blomkvist is in demand as a journalist, he’s just more time than he would like is: Because of a lost libel suit against the shady entrepreneur Wennerström (Stefan Sauk), his reputation is now in the basement, which he founded with magazine Millennium has fallen into the vortex of the scandal. And begin to make things worse, the author engaged in half a year a few months in prison and pay a hefty fine. No wonder then, that the difficult search Blomkvist only too happy to assume – especially since even turns out that the disappearances were a few years ago his beloved hot babysitter.

In his research Blomkvist comes not only to a few dark secrets of the Vanger clan, but also gets unexpected support from the mentally unstable but brilliant hacker Lisbeth Salander (Naomi Rapace), on behalf Vangers the life of journalist to identify weaknesses plumbed, then progressively developed an interest in its work. Since they are still remotely access Blomkvist’s laptop, she is able to solve many of the puzzles that arise during the course of the investigation. And it does not remain in the purely virtual assistance: Curious journalist sets out to learn everything, personally known to the hacker. Together, both a family drama of immense proportions to track down and find a surprising answer to the whereabouts of Harriet …

In a short time has developed the Millennium Trilogy (in Germany under the titles facing damnation and Forgiveness released) of the Swedish journalist Stieg Larsson, a true bestseller in 40 countries around the globe, 40 million books were sold, In Germany alone there are currently around 3rd Million copies. It is particularly tragic at this overwhelming success in that the author himself, his spectacular success was no longer allowed to experience itself – the dedicated journalist and author Stieg Larsson died on 9 November 2004 in Stockholm at the age of just 50 years ago of a heart attack. At this time three of his books were generally (if the row over Michael Blomkvist of ten volumes) are indeed ready, but has not yet been published.

, Although with 152 minutes got pretty long, without a substantial trailer attracts blindness from the first until the last minute, holds himself (with some negligible exceptions) as far as possible to the book template and sets the dark atmosphere of the novel in a congenial images to . For example, if raised with the help of old photographs Harriet almost to live, then that is implemented not only convincing, but is also reminiscent of models such as Michelangelo Antonioni’s Blow Up and Brian de Palma’s homage Antonioni’s Blow-Out – Death erases all traces.

One notes the director Niels Arden Oplev that he is an accomplished experts in his field, who in addition to some successful movies in Denmark and a knack for cleverly staged (TV), thrillers and crime novels. And it was probably this connection to the ZDF, in the example of the staged Oplev episodes of the TV series The Eagle – the trace of the crime with Jens Albinus were broadcast, which ultimately set the stage for a project that could be realized within a short time. Although it is usual in many complained about the high penetration and influence of the cinema landscape by the television stations: In this case, the decision might be worthwhile for the theatrical release – for (almost) everyone. That is precisely the pugnacious journalist Stieg Larsson no longer beneficiaries of this success, that’s the only downside of this extremely successful crime film.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: facing (DVD) Original Title: men som kvinnor Hatar Country of production: Germany, Denmark, Sweden Year of production: 2009 ( #) Length: 152 (Min) Published by: Warner Home Video format: 16:9 EAN: 5051890011404 Extras: ( #) interviews, trailers

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