DVD – Immoral Angel

DVD - Immoral Angel

Immoral Angel

               Genre: drama, satire, erotica
               Painters, butchers, rape, kidnapping, rabbits, Doberman, Renaissance

Margherita, Marceline, Marie

  Interwoven in an atmosphere of excitement and erotic powers of sexual violence visualizes the Polish director Walerian Borowczyk’s film Immoral Angel from the year 1979 three provocative stories that are inspired by tales of the French writer André de Pieyre Mandiargues (1909-1991). The focus of each story in each case is a pretty young woman with her explosive sexual experiences, both fanned by pornographic sounding like satirical elements.

Located in the artistic milieu of the Renaissance era is the longest sequence Margherita the beginning of the film. The eponymous heroine (Marina Pierro), which is initially shown in the detailed sexual act with a muscular Beau, whom she then still a pathetic cries loyalty oath, will soon model and mistress of the aspiring painter Raphael (Francois Guétary). The charms of beautiful baker’s daughter is highly valued in the ranks of influential church leaders, and together they mocked a man in love with Raphael cleric who advertises too stubbornly to them. But then sneaks Margherita to a secret rendezvous with her lover, who paid their readiness for sexual favors with three well-filled treasure chests. Moreover, he presented Margherita tasty cake with a poisoned cherry, with whom she is now rid of the pesky painter, but the wily beauty has long been its own plans is …

Marceline, the title of the second story tells the story of a dreamy adolescent girl, the fin de siècle in the household of their malicious, hysterical parents (France Rumilly, Yves Gourvil) lives and working environment is much darker than the first. In the seclusion of a rural idyll, the seemingly isolated Marceline (Gaelle Legrand) their awakening sexuality, usually in close connection to her white, fluffy rabbits, even once mumbles pleasantly to her gender. One day she looks in vain for the animals, and soon after she eats her favorite actually at the dinner, whether of their macabre “joke” then broke out into laughter unhealthy parents informed and ridiculed. Deeply disturbed and distressed Marceline steals on the night away and looking at the butcher who supplied the household of the family with meat and has long cast an eye on them. It requires the girl only after seeing the sheep to slaughter their fate is already sealed, indicates their nightly visit to the butcher as an invitation to immoral approximations, and the catastrophe takes its course …

The last story finally plays in modern Paris and is about the young Marie (Pascale Christophe), which along with her wealthy husband (Henri Piegay) errands in the road, in the street suddenly pulled into a huge box and by a crazed Sexgangster (Gerard Ismael) is kidnapped. Marie is once again proposing a clear bright tone than the previous episode, and the surprising, mischievous, whimsical end, in which appears a committed beyond measure Doberman as a savior, the viewer can return at a loss.

Show how different the stories too, but all three are characterized by a cleverly staged, with curious details of dramaturgy equipped with final surprise, and by its erotic aspects. When Margherita with the clerics look at pictures of different positions of the gender bar is to decide in advance, to which she agrees with him, or strikes of the kidnappers in a spectacular cover of Marie, the film reveals its cynical appealing traits have a have actually opposed to balancing those images, which many viewers can certainly appear as pornographic.

Immoral angel who comes out after 25 years of indexing for the first time in full on DVD, succeeded oscillates between eroticism and pornography, drama and satire, as well as innocence and cruelty. In particular, the sequence has Marceline with strong, often taboo symbols usually beyond itself, while Margherita and Mary dominates immediate ease. With his often scandalous productions Walerian Borowczyk (sets 1923-2006) is certainly an exceptional director is provocative style, his films seem in this age of ubiquitous erotization avant-garde once more.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: Immoral Angel Original Title: Les Héroïnes du mal Country of production: France Year of production: 1979 Length: (# ) 114 (Min) Published by: Al! ve format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital mono, German, French EAN : 4042564120844 Extras: Photo Gallery, Trailer

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