DVD – I as in Icarus

DVD - I as in Icarus

I as in Icarus

               Genre: Thriller, Crime
               Assassination, President, Committee of Inquiry, the Attorney General

A breathtaking French political thriller

  The French director Henri Verneuil (1920-2002), who was born in Turkey, has earned during his career with more than forty works director a reputation as a filmmaker, who wrote the screenplays for his often become very fond of film projects and more often with the same crew collaborated. In addition to his most famous work, The Sicilian Clan / Le Clan de Sicily in 1969 with the play icon Jean Gabin, Alain Delon and Lino Ventura in the lead roles including I, like Icarus with Yves Montand at his most popular works which inspire a global audience. ( is #)
as the president Jary (Gabriel Cattand not) of a specified nation immediately before the commencement of his second term, shot and killed while driving in his car, dominated the murmur of shock over this political assassination, the mood in the country. During the hectic onset of extensive investigation focused on suspicions quickly mentally abnormal solitary Daslow Eric Charles (Didier Sauvegrain), especially as these lethal shortly after the assassination itself committing suicide. It is as unpleasing as waking Attorney General Volney (Yves Montand), the doubts about this version of events and expressed by his refusal to accept this as an official investigation result, he attained a thorough investigation of the new recording. This immediately revealed a number of serious procedural errors and contradictions, and gradually the committed Volney shovels released a juggernaut of political atrocities and entanglements. But the closer he comes to the actual perpetrators, the more dangerous design of the investigations and for himself …

I like Icarus offers a coherent, intelligent drama and constructed so beautifully diverse as Yves Montand acting primarily one: gripping, always accompanied by renewed high-voltage profound observations about the depths of the political system and its effects on the willingness to commit a murder of such societal implications. The allusions to violence are still shrouded in mystery death of the legendary American president John F. Kennedy in 1963 run through the entire story, which director Henri Verneuil makes no bones about the fact that he is the version of Lee Harvey Oswald as the culprit little be believed. At the time, nominated for five Cesars, inter alia, for the stimmungstragende soundtrack by Ennio Morricone and awarded the Grand Prize of French cinema like Icarus I, is characterized by its forceful nature of the intelligent conversation that did not shrink from the presentation of complex relationships and the viewer a dramatic final breath adopted.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: I as in Icarus Original Title: I. .. comme Icare Country of production: France Year of production: 1979 Length: 122 (Min) Published by: Kinowelt Home Entertainment format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 2.0, German, French EAN: 4006680053028 Extras: None

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