DVD – House

DVD - House


               Genre: Horror
               Hotel, death, game, psychopath, delusional
  If you have a movie for little money available to put the majority of filmmakers in their history in a single location. And the possible indoors. As the makers of The House. The cover makes sometimes even a good idea – until the shell turns around and finds a lousy cobbled together back cover text. But yes, it depends on the content and goes as follows:

A young couple antipathetic (and Reynaldo Rosales Heidi Dippold) has a car accident in the woods and suggests, despite torrential rain and eerie atmosphere of a secluded hotel . Here you will first meet another couple who also had an accident. No one knows where it really is, until suddenly emerges, the old hotel owner along with her two sons strange. When the four castaways get it done even with bizarre visions, it gets really scary. For the hotel owner reveals the four, that one must die by them. If not, all tuned to believe. The masked killer, creeping around the house, does not make the situation better …

The House tried to a mix of Backwood-slasher, serial killer and Spukhausfilm. Unfortunately, everything looks scrappy and dull. Not only the characters are extremely annoying (especially at the beginning) and unsympathetic, even the scenes, in which action takes place, very bumpy and undynamic are. The House offers nothing new and not particularly well done, old copies are not interesting and the end is literally lousy. Not even Tarantino’s buddy Michael Madsen changes (Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill) nothing, in a mini performance as a police officer hauls his massive body through the scenario. Indeed, it is sad to see how even jeopardize actually not such a bad actor his reputation with films like Species II jobs, Croc or party alarm. Apparently Quentin friend pays only tariff fees … On the other hand Madsen stands by his blunders and even said that very few of his films were noteworthy. A start would be to find a new agent.

(Renatus Töpken)

Title: House Country of production: USA Year of production: 2008 Length: 96 (Min) Published by: ( # #) Sunfilm Entertainment format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, English, German () EAN: 4041658500753 Extras: None

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