DVD – Hotel Sahara (DVD)

DVD - Hotel Sahara (DVD)

Hotel Sahara (DVD)

               Genre: Documentary
               Africa, migration, migrants, desert, Sahara

In no man’s land between the desert and the sea

  Nouhadibou in Mauritania seems to be a forlorn place. The city in West Africa, wedged between the relentless desert in the back and the endless expanse of the sea, and stop yearning of many Africans on the trip to Europe. And often enough Nouhadibou also the final destination. Many of the refugees who are stranded here, then no more, they will be apprehended, interned in camps and then deported to their countries of origin. Nouhadibou is also something of an advanced deep in the heart of Europe’s external borders of Africa.

In Bettina Haasen film Hotel Sahara, which begins with images of the Spanish Guardia Civil from crowded refugee ships stranded as telling the 20-year-old Lamiya that of becoming a professional footballer dreams, their hopes and disillusionment . What do they have any illusions, is the awareness that they are – even if they manage to enter Europe, there are not desired. It is a “life in standby mode,” as the director calls it, a vacuum in which people like Lamiya, Chichi, Valtis and all the others are, they are no longer in their homeland and not the end of their dreams . And worse still, you do not know whether they can ever reach this goal. As symbols of this failure, of running aground, take there the wrecks that tell on the beaches of countless failed Nouhadibous sailing to Europe.

Often tilt the images in dazzling white, distinguished figures in front of the blinding light of the desert and slowly gaining its contour and focus. And that’s what it is, what makes Hotel Sahara again in impressive sequences and coherent images. The film makes the situation of refugees clearly illuminates the individual stories, shows the sadness of the detention, the inhuman living conditions, they live where there are many migrants who have no way out of the vicious cycle of hunger and poverty, escape arrest and deportation. Bettina is the refugees, of which we usually only hear in the news in a way as if they were criminals and intruders, a face. Power as their fate, their situation to understand.

A solution to the refugee problem is not well known Hotel Sahara. But the film makes clear that behind the many messages of refugees who have been stranded on the coasts of Europe, destinies are, which are worth finding an audience, and their location – wherever it takes place – it requires that we look, and finally something to do that this current finally get a perspective.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Hotel Sahara (DVD) Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2008 Length: 86 (Min) Published by: New Visions format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 2.0, German EAN: 4047179385688 Extras: (# ) Trailer

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