DVD – Hatred

DVD - Hatred


               Genre: Drama
               Paris suburb, coma, violence, police, banlieue, street fight

from the survival and death in the Paris banlieues

  The escalation of the long daily violence in the socially stigmatized border districts of Paris since the riots in the French capital, concentrated in autumn 2005, increased once again a hotly debated issue in the media. Against these backgrounds considered liable to the film hatred of the French actor Mathieu Kassovitz and filmmakers, which premiered in 1995 at the International Cannes Film Festival, the very touch of a disastrous prophecy in – or a social conscious, anticipatory consciousness that is not afraid of a to design realistic horror scenario.

However, Mathieu Kassovitz, who was awarded, inter alia, as Best Director at Cannes and was only seven years old in the genesis of the film, are still far away, given the parlous situation in the banlieues triumphant emotions whether its far-sightedness, and in interviews, but he emphasized his understanding of the marginalized youth, and his condemnation of the policy makers. Hatred is not only a crawling under the skin youth drama about survival in the bleakness, violence and friendship, but also the equally dedicated as a bitter message that the young people settled on the sidelines almost inevitably behave the way they are treated – and thus are continuing the system of the raging battle.

The hard, even for harassment and brutality by the police all too often dominated present day life in the Parisian slums is familiar to its inhabitants has always been, and drug stores, as well as loitering teenagers are actually reliably to the familiar image of the drab streets. But is being slighted when the young Abdel (Ahmed Abdel Ghili) in a collision with the police so massive that it falls into a coma, to heat the emotions, anger and escalating trends of the residents on strong, which in turn sometimes unscrupulous attitude of the police in increased alertness.

Vinz (Vincent Cassel), Hubert (Hubert Kounde) and Saïd (Saïd Taghmaoui), which constitute a Jew, black and Arab-Muslim, a powerfully vivid example of the multi-cultural friendships in the banlieues feel particularly hard hit. For Abdel is a buddy, a boy like themselves, whom it has caught übelst so different to work around their individual strategies to shape the situation in the district. While Vinz romanticized as a fighter against the “bull”, Hubert has invested his energies in creating a meeting place for young people, who, however, is precisely the riots of the residents had fallen victim. Said does exist is the fool of the trio, who settles about themselves from the dreariness of his surroundings.

During a trip to the center of the city of Paris, Hubert and Saïd fall within the menacing atmosphere in the rude hands of racist police officers, of whom They are humiliated and mistreated, while Vinz still just can make the dust. When the three come together after this ordeal again, expressed their helplessness in vandalism and riots, and it is especially Vinz, who shall vorprescht, because he carries a weapon, which has lost a police officer in the district. As will be publicized that Abdel has succumbed to his injuries in hospital, it becomes clear that Vinz is determined to turn a policeman, “execute” …

staged in a haunting black and white and is held in crude lingo of the youth of the banlieues is Hass a distinctive and exciting as well as depressing film is a sensitive characterization of the actors, the drama inevitably appears consistent with a sharp end serves. Even though the characters sometimes act – especially at the beginning of stylized – too much, this impression is quickly dissipated, given the dynamic flow of history. That director Mathieu Kassovitz, who also wrote the screenplay with Scott and Stevenson feared the cut would not offer concrete solutions that the audience due to the dismal mood quickly became clear, even when there is a very cheerful and quite touching moments of friendship. What makes the French filmmaker here, is the opening of a comprehensible perspective on the living conditions, perils and resources of marginalized youth. In this sense, hatred is a socially important film with an explosive such as reception history has to show some of the discourses on the material in schools, community and experts in the media.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: hate Original Title: La Haine Country of production: France Year of production: 1995 Length: 93 ( min) Published by: Arthaus format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, German, French EAN: 4006680054292 Extras: audio commentary, trailer

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