DVD – Frozen (2009)

DVD - Frozen (2009)

Frozen (2009)

               Genre: Horror
               Parasite, Expedition, Antarctica, mammoth
  A kind of mix of John Carpenter’s cult film The Thing From Another World, the unspeakable Cabin Fever by Eli Roth and somehow Robert Roriguez ‘Faculty offers the Arctic Frozen Horror by Mark A. Lewis. The cover extols Val Kilmer (Heat, Spartan), although at a great main character, but fans are likely to feel used by the actor according to the just 80 minutes on the arm. For Kilmer plays a major supporting role. In between, we talk only about him. Still Frozen genre fans is fun because there is always something to watch, the story will be told firmly that it is at times quite bloody, and the actors do a solid job.

The biologist Dr. Kruip (Val Kilmer) finds with his team in the Arctic, a mammoth, which is exposed by the thawing ice. But the joy lasted only briefly, because something is thawed with the mammoth: A parasite, which now also affects the team to Kruip and carried off. Kruip switches quickly and tried to dissuade his daughter Evelyn, come with three students with him. But it is too late, and soon the little group that meets in a deserted research station. Soon the four newcomers to learn firsthand that can show the world from this small parasites are emptied, they should find a way to prevent this. But there is someone who wants exactly that: the man to miss a lesson …
(offering #) For Frozen Genre friends not much new. There are some pretty Ekelmomente, a good twist at the end and the nice camera work of Jan Kiesser (Fright Night). Yet, the likeable, cynical Ökobotschaft, good actors and make-up effects, and not least the striking face of Val Kilmer worth the prestige. Viewers who do not have to mess with too many similar films, the claim “,” will have certainly a little more fun.

(Renatus Töpken)

Title: Frozen (2009) Original Title: The Thaw Country of production: Canada, USA Year of production: 2009 Length: 90 (Min) Published by: Ascot Elite Home Entertainment format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, English, German ( #) EAN: 7613059900950 Extras: While filming, Trailer

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