DVD – Four Weddings and a Funeral

DVD - Four Weddings and a Funeral

Four Weddings and a Funeral

               Genre: Comedy, Romance
               Wedding, Bride, London, bachelor, church, running gag, altar

A much-vaunted British romantic comedy

  The solemn occasions, which bring together families and friends outside of everyday existence, form the distinctive punctuation in the flow of time, representing the same social and cultural fabric of human life. Within this framework of convivial celebration moves Four Weddings and a Funeral by Mike Newell from the year 1993, which brings about these events in a circle of illustrious characters, and simultaneously tells the charming romance between two characters that move in the conglomerate, the celebrations always sustained one another .

One of the running gags of this British comedy that pretty stubborn bachelor Charles (Hugh Grant) and his good friend, Scarlett (Charlotte Coleman) who live together in a small shared apartment, a regular on the morning of an impending wedding with friends slept promptly. Still hectic way they throw themselves into their finest thread to then plunge into the fray of the festival, with its finely decked out, festive guests also represents something of a floor for soft to wild love being initiated.

When Charles at a friend’s wedding, which he attended together with his clique Scarlett, Matthew (John Hannah), Gareth (Simon Callow), Fiona (Kristin Scott Thomas) and Tom (James Fleet), as a witness acts, charmed him immediately attractive American Carrie (Andie MacDowell). At the end of the atmospheric feast turns out that Carrie for Charles is inflamed, and the two spend a night of love with each other before Carrie returns to the U.S.. But the next wedding, at which they are to meet again, is not far …

in two categories nominated for an Oscar and awarded with some prestigious awards such as a César, a Golden Globe Award and four BAFTA Awards developed Four Weddings and a Funeral At that quickly became a hit with audiences in 2008 and was chosen by the participants to a survey by Virgin Media in the UK at the best British film ever. With just a hint of melancholy, cynical wit and a gentle and sympathetic and critical view of the social tendencies in matters of love and relationship succeeds smartly staged this comedy to make a sound, the romantic entertainment, the classic way with a dedicated, cohesive ensemble and very serious consideration of life, loosely linked to white. This is sometimes a little too pleasing combination has inspired an audience of millions, is inclined to attribute this cult-film qualities.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: Four Weddings and a Funeral Original Title: Four Weddings and a Funeral Country of production: United Kingdom Year of production: 1993 Length: 113 (Min) Published by: Kinowelt Home Entertainment format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 2.0, English, German EAN: 4006680054841 Extras: Making Of, Behind the Scenes, Trailer, Teaser

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