DVD – Drowning

DVD - Drowning


               Genre: Drama, Crime, Satire
               Game, insect, drowning, coroner, circumcised

Three women and a coroner

  In the summer scenario, an idyllic rural location enjoys himself, the aging Hardy (Trevor Cooper) with a young Nancy (Jane Gurnett) when teasing love playing until both depleted zinc bath in the refreshing waters of its slumber. His wife Cissie (Joan Plowright) awakened when they return home, she invites Hardy cynical, but have fun with, whereupon the old lady her unemotional husband simply drowned in his bathtub, his mistress while still in your peaceful slumber. It is a tragedy for all of the events actually floating lightness, Peter Greenaway’s Drowning by Numbers within this sequence, and a total stand out as a satirical thriller.

, Together with her daughter (Juliet Stevenson), who, like herself Cissie Colpitts ie, creates fresh widow Nancy was still asleep in a wheelbarrow back home and then looks at the coroner Madgett (Bernard Hill), who initially reluctant but complicit, agreed to certify an inconspicuous cause of death. For if Madgett, along with his son Smut (Jason Edwards), a lover of large-scale, bizarre movement games with complicated rules, is hopeful to win the widow for himself. Even the coroner has no idea that their daughter will also get rid of her soon in the sexual sense very listless husband Jake (Bryan Pringle) by drowning, and her granddaughter, the third Cissie Colpitts, similar plans for her newly wedded husband Bellamy (David Morrissey), and also makes them amorous advances Madgett …

has with the conspiracy of women, the British film artist Peter Greenaway, who also wrote the screenplay, an incredibly dense, funky universe of prominent figures, games and a spectacular Create apparently inscrutable mysticism of numbers, set the recurring symbols in a detective story is slanted. As the young girls in the princess costume is the enumerated when skipping the names of stars, fiercely admired by the bustling Smut, who meticulously numbered animals to death has come, and again a variety of insects, the cinematic territory of lust, and murder play aplenty populate.

Accompanied by the events of the wonderfully ironic music by Michael Nyman (The Piano, 1993), who is also the music Greenaway’s films The Draftsman’s Contract / The Draftsman’s Contract (1982), The Cook, The Thief, his wife and her lover / The Cook The Thief His Wife & Her Lover (1989) and Prospero’s Books / Prospero’s Books (composed 1991), conspiracy of women charmed by a very impressive, exciting composition. Careful, equipped with extensive detail and masterful visual arrangements illuminated, captured by the camera fixed Viernys understand it admirably to seduce the viewer, while the drama comes up with pithy, witty dialogue and repetitive elements soon appear strangely familiar phrases. But the deceptive harmony is attacked by a strongly ambivalent aesthetics – luscious naked bodies on one hand, mangled carcasses of the other, this delicate and erotic Liebeskeimungen, there’s death and a bloody circumcision ritual, performed by the innocent Smut with macabre tastes independently.

At the International Cannes Film Festival where the film was shown in 1988 at the competition, was the conspiracy of the women honored as Best Artistic Contribution. There followed two prizes at film festivals in Seattle and Warsaw, but overall this is one smart and satirical, grandly staged, and philosophically sophisticated criminals with his entrancing ensemble certainly among the works of Peter Greenaway’s underrated, which still represents a precious tip-class and on the basis his complex and enigmatic structure is undoubtedly a second and third look.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: Drowning Original Title: Drowning by Numbers Country of production: UK, the Netherlands Year of production: 1988 Length: 118 (Min) Published by:

DVD - Drowning

format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital mono, Germ, DD 2.0, English EAN: 4006680052250 Extras: booklet with lyrics for the film, trailers

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