DVD – Desert Flower (DVD)

DVD - Desert Flower (DVD)

Desert Flower (DVD)

               Genre: drama, literature, biography
               Africa, flight, model, forced marriage, Somalia

From the African nomad girl for the international top model

  Cinema loves a good story. What would be more than one take, which has already touched thousands of readers. It’s really a miracle that no one has so far adapted Waris Dirie’s autobiography Desert Flower for the canvas. Sherry Hormann, which was principally as a director of comedies like lunatics male (1996) and men like us (known 2004), has now made Dirie Bestsellers and it turned an exciting drama.

The book does not have to read to understand the film. Is meticulous in two hours the fate of the fugitive told from the desert nomad who arrives after the countless setbacks and obstacles as a top model for the title pictures of fashion magazines and on international catwalks. Waris Dirie (Liya Kebede) was just 13 years old when she fled from her family from a Somali forced marriage. For days she wandered barefoot, without food or water, lands, through the desert until they completely exhausted with her grandmother in Mogadishu.

The film tells story Waris Dirie, the Somali first name “Desert Flower” means in numerous flashbacks. From the barren desert it is directly into the hectic city life in London, where she ekes out first at the Somali Embassy of their lives as domestic workers behind bars. As will be closed at the outbreak of civil war in their home the message that it is submerged in London. Out of sheer desperation she clings to the Top Store sellers Marilyn (great: Sally Hawkins in Happy-Go-Lucky), which receives them temporarily.

Dirie is now a grown young woman, but still naive like a little child. Still unknown and illegal in the city, they tried with cleaning job in fast food restaurants to keep afloat. Until her one day, the famous fashion photographer Terry Donaldson (Timothy Spall) running across the road and discovered her face. From then on, things were so simple, it would not be illegal immigrant. But for everything there is a solution and even more so with the necessary small change to her by her enterprising agent, Lucinda (Juliet Stevenson) is filled up.

When she has finally made it and at the height of her modeling career has arrived, beginning the second part of the film. In an interview with an editor of the magazine Marie Claire she recounts how she was circumcised as a little girl. Because no one had spoken to her so openly about the cruel ritual, so Dirie sparked a wave of worldwide sympathy, shock and protest. UN Secretary General Kofi Annan appointed her ambassador to the UN. On behalf of the UN, now travels the globe to speak at numerous conferences over the past taboo topic of circumcision. The viewer can sympathize. Warning: It is unpleasant when zurückblendet the film on the ritual that they then suffered five years as a young girl, but everything has understood than others.

That desert flower captivating from the first until the last minute, is not least because he is visually impressive. Images for Ken Kelsch is responsible, who was already several times with Abel Ferrara (Bad Lieutenant as of 1992) behind the camera. He knows exactly the rugged desert to capture as much as the glamor of the Model world, the hustle and bustle of the cities of New York and London, and the ugliness of the lousy cheap hotels, where Dirie hangs out at first.

All well and good. The film has only one problem: He has crammed so full that it overflows in all corners and edges. Is it the story that is so fascinating that it verges on the incredibility? Sherry Horman would prefer to knock out a few details are? That would have done the film ensures good. We admire these Waris Dirie, but at the same time, one wonders, how can all this be possible. Annoying is the Subplot with the New York Harold (Anthony Mackie), whom she meets once in a London club, and years later in New York again visits. Hineinzuquetschen This kind of “love story” in the film would not have been necessary. Even with a German film is a touch of Hollywood kitsch appears to have been unavoidable. That being said, it’s a real good movie.

(Katrin Knauth)

Title: Desert Flower (DVD) Country of production: Germany, Britain, Austria Year of production: 2009 Length: 124 (min) Published by: Twentieth Century Fox Home Ent. format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, English, German EAN: (# ) 4010232049322 Extras: making of, audio commentary with Liya Kebede, Waris Dirie, director Sherry Hormann, producer, Peter Herrmann, Featurette: World Premiere in Venice, Featurette: Premiere in Berlin, Obsolete scenes (with audio commentary by Sherry Hormann)

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