DVD – (500) Days Of Summer (DVD)

DVD - (500) Days Of Summer (DVD)

(500) Days Of Summer (DVD)

               Genre: Comedy
               Separation, love relationship

by finding and losing love

  Man meets woman, falls in love with it and overcome some hurdles and is happy with her at the end: love Assembled Films by the Hollywood Principle Kit flooding every year the cinematic landscape. So tasty, some of these sticky-sweet mass-produced products may be prepared, delicious-tingling surprises relationship they do not offer. An exception from the romance-pabulum is the Independent Bead (500) Days of Summer. Besides the many directorial finesse, the video clip is directed by Marc Webb, for his directorial debut can think of, it is primarily the impressively realistic semiautobiographische script by Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber, a refreshing romantic comedy that raises far above the genre average.

“This is the story of a boy and a girl,” comes at the beginning of (500) Days of Summer at the fabulous conversational tone from the off. And what does that mean for … The boy Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and is a vivacious romantic who writes in a company’s articles of kitschy greeting cards. What he lacks in his happiness is the right woman at his side. Have found the he believes in the beautiful new work colleague Summer (Zooey Deschanel) to. But somehow I can not succeed Tom, they draw attention to themselves, until a corporate karaoke night breaks the ice between the two. Summer, however, revealed to him in conversation that she believes in love and so in a serious relationship is not interested. After all, Tom can wring from her after several attempts a rapprochement Freundschaftsversprechen. As Summer kisses him suddenly the next morning on the mouth is clearly the case for Tom: Not only he is in love with Summer, but also in him. Soon, the two spend much time together until they are unintentional quasi-relationship ended abruptly. In a fit of desperation tried the Tom destroyed on the ground in hand to reconstruct his memories, why it has between Summer and in the end it failed.

The originality of (500) Days of Summer is a love story quite unusual perspective. Webb says his film entirely from Tom’s point of view. The life-world of the Summers he fades out completely. Her delicate gestures, her cheeky charm and witticisms Spleens we learn only through Tom’s rose-colored glasses. As a consequence, remains a mystery for the viewer Summer without its own history. This deliberate restriction to one-sided view of works terrific, because they credibly depicts the reality of many unhappy lovers. Based on this understanding can also be the occupation of Summer with the lovely Zooey Deschanel (The yes-man to understand). With her sparkling blue eyes, the unfathomable 29-year-old simply has much room for Tom’s desire projections. Equally convincing is Deschanel Schauspielpendant Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Brick), which handles the complex role of the naive romantic with a pleasantly reduced facial expression. The rising young star has the rare gift of an emotional range of unrestrained melancholy, mischievous wit to utter distraction within seconds credible recall.

, The idea does a wonderful breath of Memento at (500) Days of to incorporate buzzer. As in Christopher Nolan’s masterful Thrillerverwirrspiel refuses Webb film of a linear narrative. Even more: the 500 days nor lasting relationship of Tom and the Summer will be fragmented in unchronologische, seemingly randomly selected time units. This concise everyday snacks to give accurately reflect the current mixed up memories of Tom. Some moments of happiness suddenly flashed on, while weeks of negative experiences are displaced at one time. That emotion is crystallized at some puzzles for Tom and the audience to grim reality of the relationship fail out. This painful process of realization brings incredible tension, one can not escape.

Is attributable to particularly high Webb that he did not construct the sad distinction of reason (500) Days of Summer presented as boring Selbstbemitleidungsgeschichte. Again and again the cheerfulness of the main characters and their splendid indifference to stick. For yelling provides humorous moments especially Toms twelve sister Rachel (Chloe Grace Moretz), the relationship with her precocious tips the floating on cloud nine brother always thoroughly grounded.

In the means of production violates Webb never in tone. Its loose narrative gesture he always remains faithful. Under this concept, he almost casually weave like a Bollywood musical contribution, is in Tom’s elation bird flying into a cartoon picture or illustrated in an ingenious split-screen sequence, what happens in Tom’s idea and at the same happens in reality. Incidentally defected to Webb as a fan of Cameron Crowe (Almost Famous), as he accentuated the mood of the characters with varied songs by The Smiths to Carla Bruni.

, The points with a box office of over 32 million U.S. dollars (at a cost of about 7.5 million), most successful U.S. independent comedy of the year in her voice to such great masterpieces such as Garden State and Juno. With playful actors, an authentic original screenplay and a narrative approach young director Marc Webb managed a wonderfully cryptic anti-romance, which achieved the best moments of the authenticity of Before Sunset and can make legitimate Oscar hopes.

(Florian Koch)

Title: (500) Days Of Summer (DVD) Country of production: USA Year of production: 2009 Length: Min 91 ( ) Published by: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, English, German EAN: (# ) 4010232049162 Extras: Obsolete scenes

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