DVD – Cheri – A comedy of the Vanities

DVD - Cheri - A comedy of the Vanities

Cheri – A comedy of the Vanities

               Genre: literature, romance
               Paris, courtesan, mother-son relationship

The sweet life of the courtesans

  Stephen Frears and Michelle Pfeiffer? – Wait a minute, there was something. Exactly 21 years ago, that the British director and American actress with her Dangerous Liaisons on the novel by Choderlos de Laclos breathed new life and brought one of the most charming films of the eighties to the canvas. Cheri in the two working together again. And again it is a French novel (more precisely, there are even two of them), which serves as a template for a sensual fireworks as more accurate and full of love and jealousy, sharp-tongued dialogue. That it once gallant and very erotic approaching, but the author already provides the template, known as Colette (in real life as Sidonie-Gabrielle Claudine Colette) is considered the author of the Belle Epoque, and at that time was is always good for an (often erotic) scandal. Her novel Cheri , which has now been sympathetically filmed by Stephen Frears, is still her most famous novel, Léa de Lonval, the protagonist of this book is perfect for Michelle Pfeiffer.

Léa de Lonval was once one of the best known and most successful courtesans of Paris, but now tend to love affairs to an end, as well Léa grows older. But what it does not prevent a passionate affair with Fred, called start Chéri (Rupert Friend), to which just 19 years old and somewhat spoiled son of their colleague and former rival of Madame Peloux (terrific in this role: Kathy Bates). To the astonishment of all the unseemly liaison between the two keeps six years, has decided to Madame Peloux to bring her son to finally get under the hood. This is with a woman who is not much older than he. Despite all the efforts of Fred and Léa can not let each other so that the marriage of a spoiled young playboy finally threaten to derail the affair. Again and again, the two lovers to sway back and forth between attraction and rejection, love, jealousy and abandonment. But Léa is smart enough to realize that time is running against her …

Superbly equipped and elegantly filmed and with a still beautiful Michelle Pfeiffer and Rupert Friend a deliciously moody in the main roles very well staffed, impresses by Cheri Dialogue wit, elegance and a lightness that inferior to the ample flow of champagne in this film in anything. A “period piece” that the time in Paris before the outbreak of World War I in the most charming and stimulating way can be resurrected. Only the end has got a little long, but what does not detract from the pleasure. In the cinema was – amused. It is now really no easy matter.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Cheri – A Comedy of Vanity Original Title: Cheri Country of production: Germany, France, Great Britain Year of production: 2009 (# ) Length: 91 (Min) Published by: Prokino Home Entertainment format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, German, English EAN: 4260170490247 Extras: Making Of, Deleted Scenes, Trailers, Booklet

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