DVD – Chasing Sleep

DVD - Chasing Sleep

Chasing Sleep

               Genre: Thriller, Horror
               Student, psychologist, hallucination, runoff, insomnia

The agony of insomnia

  The initial situation of growing dense thriller from 2000 designed within a gentle melancholy, quite harmless at first: Ed Saxon (Jeff Daniels), who teaches literature at a college, awakening from a nap and noticed that his wife still does not work is returned. He calls to her friend without results, inquires at the emergency hospital treatment, increasingly worried but finally agreed, and yet the police. Perplexed, he wanders the house, and together with it the audience waits for a terrible news that illuminates the whereabouts of missing wife, but the feature film Chasing Sleep by Michael Walker denied this obvious expectations and develops insidiously in a completely different direction.

If it appears at first about his missing wife, moves in the course of action more and more of these extreme suffering insomnia, restless man in the focus of the story. Its activities and decisions seem strange reluctance drive and indiscriminately, it drives as if stunned by the tough day, the police received in the person of empathetic to watch Detective Derm (Gil Bellows), a rather pushy student (Emily Bergl), to him something brings food, as well as the police psychologist Costas (Zach Grenier), who prescribes a drug to treat the painful insomnia. Now arises the thought that Ed might have anything to do with the disappearance of his wife, especially since it turns out that she had an affair, and all of a sudden it’s the home environment with their strange places that are in the focus the stolid forces …
Chasing Sleep omitted for the sake of numerous sound effects cleverly installed entirely on music and the dramaturgy is literally imprisoned in the House of Saxons as the only place of action, where the bleary-eyed Ed reinforced against occurring adversities especially in the bathroom fighting. Again and again, bloody footsteps announce a looming catastrophe that may exist only in the hallucinations of a man who is in a severe crisis of meaning in the process of completely losing his footing. Carefully orchestrated and influenced by the figure of a compelling game has come on in years, apparently disoriented man who plays a slightly different kind of horror that sent with the expectations of the viewer and then give yourself at the end to, the desire for an explanation of the mysterious to perform operations. A truly remarkable debut, captivates by its atmospheric density in a confined space and the helplessness of his protagonist skillfully transmits to the viewer.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: Chasing Sleep Country of production: Canada, France, USA Year of production: 2000 Length: 100 (Min) (# ) Published at: Kinowelt Home Entertainment format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, English, German EAN: 4006680049908 Extras: Audio commentary with director and producer, biography of the director, the main actor filmographies, photo gallery, trailers

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