DVD – Carrier (DVD)

DVD - Carrier (DVD)

Carrier (DVD)

               Genre: Thriller, Horror
               Disease epidemic, Apocalypse, Escape, Survival

No time for charity

  Trailer will attract attention at best to explain the basic premise of a movie and just do not give away too much. Unfortunately, perhaps the most important and most difficult form of film advertising in recent years has gone to the dogs. Another shocking example of this thesis provides the horror thriller Carriers. The trailer suggests a brutal shocker in the vein of 28 Days Later or Dawn Of The Dead.

To meet with this expectation in the luggage feverishly thousands of viewers the world premiere at the Fantasy Filmfest. After the demonstration showed the horror fans bitterly disappointed. They wrote their frustrations in numerous online forums of the soul. But the supposed “worst opening film ever” has this damning verdict does not deserve.

Carrier was a victim of false marketing campaign – in the form of a completely leading in the wrong trailer. The young Spanish brothers Alex and David Pastor serve up nothing was further than in her directorial debut in a superficial splatter Schlachtplatte. Rather, they wanted to deal with the issues of human behavior in extreme situations.

In its end-time scenario, the pastor’s start from the premise that all humanity has been afflicted by a deadly virus. The pathogen is highly contagious, is transmitted through the air and leads the people infected within a few hours to death. A cure does not exist. In this terrible situation, the few survivors of their safety in flight. Thus, even the irascible Brian (Chris Pine), his garrulous friend Bobby (Piper Pirabo), Brian’s younger, smarter brother Danny (Lou Taylor Pucci) and his cautious classmate Kate (Emily VanCamp). The four have only one goal: to thunder by car through a dusty desert highway, to persevere along the coast in seclusion. On the way, but they have a breakdown. When they meet Frank (Christopher Meloni) and his roadworthy minivan, the group appears even to have a blessing in disguise. Until they find out that Frank’s daughter, Jodie (Kiernan Shipka) is infected. After several discussions, they decided, in agreement with Frank, the two lepers hermetically sealed off in their trunk. For the purpose of suspicious community takes a dangerous ride into nowhere its course.

Which behaviors take on people when they learn of their certain death? Have relationships in these (un) periods still have a meaning? And who is at the end even the next? In this socially relevant questions about morality and values to find Alex and David Pastor in Carriers disturbing answers. Whether friends, who are simply exposed to the street or doctors, in their desperation to make the fatal experiments on children: the worldview of the directors and scriptwriters an extremely bleak and nihilistic. It is therefore not surprising that the hard-to-place commercial carriers lying around for years on the production pile. Only after the break with the lead role of Chris Pine as Captain Kirk in Star Trek and the rising hysteria surrounding the swine flu was released, the cynical shocker in the movie audience.

What do to Carriers, the intransigence and the stringency with where the pastor draw their characters. For all the characters already recognized in the Millennium Series modified quotation from the Bible: “Fear thy neighbor as thyself.” The unpredictability of the largely unsympathetic characters stereotypes – particularly macho Brian does have a negative forward with unspeakably stupid sayings – makes the application range of end-time film that breathes a bit of the atmosphere by Kathryn Bigelow’s Near Dark, so exciting.

Unfortunately lacks The pastor of a dramatic escalation of their scenarios. Telling episode, a true horror of the prison chain of events, real highlights and a clear climax searches in vain. Numerous effects of deja vu set when 28 Days Later, or brazenly The Omega Man is quoted. Outweigh the positive – despite a low budget – the sparse, effective equipment and dazzling aesthetics. Renouncing klischeebeladene night shots with driving rain, the kindly pastor. The bright sunlight, the heat, the dust, the desert and the torturing thirst of the protagonists to illustrate the devastating congenial, supercharged atmosphere of Negativutopie.

Even if the pastor, with its mix of road movie, character, drama and thrillers not bleeding, the consequence of a vision for how to reach “The Quiet Earth, engaging them in exciting Carriers, social-societal issues that uniformity in the current horror remake – their peers are looking for.

(Florian Koch)

Title: Carrier (DVD) Country of production: USA Year of production: 2009 Length: 82 (Min) Published when: Splendid Entertainment format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, English, German EAN: 4013549574228 Extras: ( #) B-roll, interviews, movie clips, antivirus mask

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