DVD – Capitalism: A Love Story (DVD)

DVD - Capitalism: A Love Story (DVD)

Capitalism: A Love Story (DVD)

               Genre: Documentary
               Financial crisis, globalization, banking, corporate, United States, capitalism, subsidies

Hair-raising scandals

  “What is the breaking into a bank compared with founding a bank,” Bertolt Brecht once asked. And as a relative in the spirit of Michael Moore begins his film with a bank robbery. No question: These are two entertaining hours for anyone who wants to get rid of their anger for a long time to blame the financial crisis. Those who previously asked, what are the rascals who could not get enough cocks, gets the avowed political agitator for a reply. Moore calls her names and shows their faces. The result is a documentary, as may his fans: disturbing, scathing, funny and relentlessly polemical.

By his own admission wanted to hand over the man with the baseball cap, a different film than before. A total of 20 years of protest, it should be a new weaving all the threads that already in his debut film Roger and Me (was created 1989) and he has since been further expanded. Not the individual parts of the system wanted Moore to attack this time – the world of work, the gun (Bowling for Columbine, 2002), political corruption (Fahrenheit 9 / 11, 2004) or the healthcare system (Sicko, 2007). No, in this documentation, Moore goes whole hog. He wants to dismantle the system as such, can proliferate, the greed, corruption and egomania. Therefore, the full claim, which is already evident in the title: Capitalism: A love story / Capitalism: A Love Story.

Fortunately, it is not a film about a model of society has become, not a graduate seminar for would-be sociologists, no essay that got lost in his own thoughts labyrinths. Michael Moore does not aim at the abstract whole, but on specific grievances. He shows us people with incredible adventures, he brings people to talk around his neck, he is naive questions and thereby comes to hair-raising material. In short, this film distinguishes itself in its workmanship in almost any other of the – and that’s good.

The focus this time is on the real estate and financial world. Moore goes to the people who lose their homes. He looks around, talks to the people, captures their desperation. That is, as always, its great strength: the abstract messages and statistics that have made us a long time to give a face. Anyone who has seen the bewilderment of these hard-working middle-class family who left after four decades of her house must be cold to the keywords such as mortgage, interest and foreclosure ever again.

After the real estate crisis, Moore is taking a few more scandals. They have nothing to do with the homes, but they are a secret power center of the film. Moore is particularly good is that is whenever he uncovers stories that are not as well known as the plight of homeowners in the U.S. and we do not really want to believe. Such as when he tells how a private company to build a youth prison and bribed judges then make sure that the prison is well stocked. Or how to complete risk life insurance companies for their employees, where the sum is paid on death to the company – along the lines of a dead employee is more valuable than a living.

As usual, Moore is a master of emotion into assembly. As the episodes are cut into each other – this is not only entertaining, but highly suggestive, not to mention manipulative. The entertainer in the documentary makes us one with preparatory scandals on what we have actually had long suspected: that a few have been through the disastrous financial speculation unimaginably rich. And that they could, because a financial giant like Goldman Sachs, the Treasury placed its own people, then just the laws and deregulation prepared, which brought the entire world economy to the brink of the abyss.

Moore’s worldview is, as always black and white, good and evil. That is their strength – the polemical force – and also its weakness – the oversubscription up to the false statement, for example where it is claimed, could lay off employees in Germany, their bosses. But Moore never gave us such a deep insight into his religious motives given. Again and again he speaks to priests and even a bishop. Then suddenly becomes clear, from which feeds the enormous moral force of his pamphlets: Capitalism is a sin. Just as bad as the foundation of a bank.

(Peter Gutting)

Title: Capitalism: A Love Story (DVD) Original Title: Capitalism: A Love Story Country of production: USA Year of production: 2009 ( #) Length: 122 (Min) Published by: Concorde Home Entertainment format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, German , English EAN: 4010324027795 Extras: Susführliche interviews foregone contributions, Trailer

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